DarkGodofQlippas method of handling unruly spirits

What do you do when a spirit refuses to answer your calls? What do you do when a spirit becomes hostile or unruly? How do you handle a violent spirit that tests your circle or other defenses.

I’m going to share with you how I handle this problem.
First of all you’re only going to get problems maybe one in twenty evocations, this is especially so if you’re calling spirits you don’t have a prior relationship with and haven’t been introduced to.

What can go wrong? Well alot actually. First if your circle is weak they could get inside and Get to you, you could be cursed badly, afflicted with a disease or severe madness, you could be possessed for several days or weeks or months or permanently.

Do not underestimate the power of goetic spirits. Things can and do go wrong frequently with newcomers who didn’t do their diligence or failed to practice the required energy work for a strong circle or the banishing rites necessary.

So first things first , bone up on basic energy work with qi gong or prana or any practice that actually works. Her a feel for how-to direct energy to create a sacred space for yourself a circle. This needs to be impenetrable to any spirit you do not give consent to enter. In the course of a normal evocation there is no need to ever have any spirit inside your circle. It’s YOUR sacred space, you’re God there.

Next your banishings I recommend learning and performing the lbrp once or twice daily for two months before you think you’re ready for evocation of goetic spirits. You need to know YOU have the authority to send away any spirit you wish.

A spirit won’t answer your call. Well you probably don’t know the spirit or haven’t worked with it before or haven’t been introduced by another practitioner they respect. They know what you want already. If they aren’t Interested in answering your call you CAN force them to do so but I don’t recommend it frankly.

Next the spirit shows up uninterested in helping you, or is straightly disrespectful to you in your own temple. Ok I don’t put up with any of that shit in my temple. I treat the spirits very well and with respect so if they disrespect me it’s time to chastise the spirit.

Point your wand right at their seal and and say “spirit x you will respect me and speak in a correct tone with me in my temple, I command you to speak pleasantly and be of good nature.”

This typically works. Sometimes the spirit is just testing you you to see if you have balls. Do accept bad behavior or it sets a precedent. We teach the spirits how to treat us. Don’t forget that.

Now a hostile spirit, one that will not obey your commands or tries to leave the triangle ( you’ll feel them move) you need to be more assertive with.

Point your wand at the location they currently are and say “spirit x I command you in the names of the four kings of hell to return to the triangle and be seated. By amaymon, corson,ziminiar, and goap be seated now”

If the spirit is violent and tries to test your circle and you sense danger get your blasting rod and point it at the spirit and send a concussive blast of pure energy through the rod and at the spirit. Think like Guardian of the Galaxy villain Ronan with his cosmirod that could send things flying away from him. Just like that. Order it back into the triangle.

If it refuses give license to depart.

Banish thoroughly.

There are more advanced techniques also im not at liberty to share them currently.

Hope this gives you some confidence.