Daily tarot

Has anyone tried out the writual planner? It’s a daily planner that was designed for daily tarot 3 card spreads.

Mine just arrived and now I’m trying to decide which of my decks to use. Kinda feeling the true black


I havent used it. But now I want to :sweat_smile:


I second Arianna, it looks neat.


Decades ago I used and recorded my daily three card spreads. Learnt a lot, like the fact that the I Ching is more in-your-face pedestrian.

The only woman I’ll ever love was Chinese and I couldn’t get her into I Ching. I wanted her to read the Chinese and then me read the English and discuss issues sharing a half corona Cuban cigar. She smoked the cigars but I couldn’t get her into I Ching.

Ps. She left me and married a really decent, non-smoking American - who died of lung cancer.


@UncleAl I hope you didn’t kill that man​:pray::joy:

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No I didn’t, but I’m almost certain some spiritual entity did.
I was actually happy that my woman had found her happiness. However, she did something before she left and that caused me to realise that she had engaged in other activities. Perhaps my growing anger attracted the attention of a few spiritual entities which seem to hang around me. I’ve been a heavy smoker for more than forty years and he didn’t use tobacco. Perhaps an illness transfer.

As her husband was dying I kept getting strong mental messages that I should contact her about chlorine dioxide, but I didn’t know so I didn’t. Than I read the death notice online.
Too bad. So sad.