Cuervo's services


1 - I do tarot readings and I’ll try to answer to the best of my capacities whatever question you ask. If I don’t see any spread as useful enough, I’ll use a custom made spread.

2 - If I’ve never done a reading for you, you can DM me to ask me a a question about your past. This is a free service for new clients, to help you see the quality of my services before you spend a dime. Ideally, you should ask something that A - You know but I can’t know. B - Is not a yes-no answer. C - can’t be interpreted as cold reading. We all have suffered. We all have been in danger. Those are very bad questions.

3 - I’ve a special reading using three decks to begin shadow work. It won’t solve your issues, but it will help you to start grinding.

4 - I do NOT do readings about timeline. Simply put, the reading is what’s true right now and your mundanes actions can change that. So no “When is my ex getting back with me?” or anything of the sort.


Divination through the I-Ching, the famous book of transmutations.


For beginners or anyone else with any sort of practice I’ve developed a method to erase your lust for results. This was my first successful experiment and you can acquire it today by booking it through our shop.

I also sell custom made packages for both, practitioners and non practitioners. This packages use multi layered workings to address all your aspects of whatever you are trying to do, and all of them include a softer version of my erase lust for results procedure, it won’t be permanent but it will last long enough for you to receive what you asked. The more popular packages are 7 and 12 steps. All packages include divination-as-needed.

I can cast a glamour on you to make you appear more beautiful and, in some instances, I’ve managed to actually change a bit the person’s body, but that needs more testing so I’m not offering to the public just yet.

Yes, I can try to get your ex back. But more importantly, I can help you to move on and get you a perfect match, someone new that will fulfill your needs.

If you’re one of the so called incels, I have good news: I have a package to get you out of there, but it has to be tailored to you so I can’t really write any details here.

I can also help you with many other things, like getting a new job, find a house or bind an enemy. Feel free to contact me for custom packages, just DM me and we can talk about it.

On average, to shoot a one-time spell/ritual I charge £50 (or its equivalent in USD).

As a general rule, I do not do healing, but if your case is special for any reason feel free to contact me, worst case scenario it will be something I do not do. I do some work for mental health issues, like neurosis, rage episodes and agoraphobia.

I’m not in the right hand path. I’m not in the left hand path. I’m not in the middle path, whatever that is. I’m in the whatever works path.

I do not send pictures nor videos of my work (other than divination) since I practice a tool less form of magick. What am I going to do, send a selfie with my eyes closed?


You tell me what you want, I get you a legit sigil to call an individual succubi/inccubi that fits your wishes. This is a very expensive service, since you’re getting a gateway to a real spirit. Now, I’m not selling you THE spirit, I can’t do that. You’ll have to put your effort to make a real connection with them, to forge a real relationship, what I do give you is a good match for you.