Crystallization and clairvoyance

ok,I’m currently practicing with mike bee and prince orobas grimoire and after the first time i did the middle pillar i had 5 second vision, longest i ever had,but the second and third time i did the ritual I did not notice any change,I immediately noticed the problem,because of noise and stress in my life i forgot to do the part that you do a bandaging of light. now in the middle pillar book the author says This movement (bandaging of light) crystallizes the energy body,so when i about to fall asleep i imagined a hat of crystallized light above my head and immediately i saw another vision, clearest i ever had and it’s rotating from left to right🤔.now a magician once told me that if your psychic battery be full and your aura is strong enough to not letting the energy wasted that energy be powerful enough to share information with your brain and you can see and hear the beyond.i planned to do the circulation of the light two times a day and I’m appreciating any thought about strengthening and crystallization the aura

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That is an important issue: distinguishing brain-thoughts from mind-thoughts. They often have different sources

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For some unknown reasons that is the easy part for me

Most spiritual practices occur under the patronage (within the aura) of a large entity. Such entities have their own agendas - sometimes from long ago. It may be important to choose carefully

I am not sure that auras should be crystallized. Personally I favour organic processes

There’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing or who hes doing it with.

Do they have agendas?

Here’s one…

Do you?

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If you mean middle pillar, well this ritual is not included any entity,just your own energy body


See @Rota lete explain what I take issue with

I’ve watched you on the forum since you’ve arrived. You have a habit of telling others to be careful of this or that or asking them questions as if they are your pupil and you are the teacher.

Now you are polite but you’re condescending, maybe you don’t mean to be but you are.

Now another point, everyone is welcome here on occult mirror, Including and especially you, but this is primarily a Left Hand Path forum. We work with Qlippoth, Demons, Dark Gods, Djinn, Elementals, etc. Now I notice you warn others of things like the “agendas” of goetic spirits and so on.

I recommend you get comfortable with the idea of nightside magicians studying and learning their craft. That includes working with demons.

They don’t need fear mongering, or someone who likes to appear smart at their expense.

If you want people to listen to what you have to say and take it seriously then spend some time listening to others and learning about the people here before you start telling them what they should and shouldn’t do, or what’s right or wrong or this or that.

@King1911 is doing fine with the Mike bee guide for developing Clair’s. You know how I know? Because I’m Mike Bee. I’m the one who wrote it. I’ve trained several magicians on this forum in the Clair’s and this method works.

Don’t fear monger bro. The infernals treat us differently than they do RHP kabbalist, kedusha mages.

We have nothing to fear because we approach with respect and gratitude towards the infernals. I’ve yet to see anyone taken advantage of who genuinely sought their help with courtesy and respect.

Think on it.

I’m trying to help you get the most of your time on OM and nip in the bud what I see as pontificating behavior that is unhelpful and unbecoming.


I know @Vitriol become a magician with your guidance but i don’t know the other, i like reading they’re journals to learn something, if you don’t mind tag his/her name for me


@Vitriol and I are very good friends and yes we studied together for a time.

He no longer needs much help these days and is rocking and rolling the suburbs of the LHP on his own.

I’m proud of him, a real LHP Nightside magician.


I’ll put my two cents here. It doesn’t really matter who the others are. Do you…my experiences won’t be yours and the other magicians that used the method won’t be the same either.
The only advice I can honestly give is to do the work! The work is the funnest part, especially once you start hearing the spirits you will be surprised at what they have to say (it’s not all lectures and guidance some like jokes lol). So keep on going!


I’m start before you brother but almost have zero progress, anytime i start practicing, something horrible happened in my life or my body, someone warned me that there is something attached to my neck,and
And that I have been marked by someone so that no one will work with me,i can feel it,no angel and demon likes to really do anything for me no matter how small my request is,i know many Muslim magician do binding for screw me but these angel or gods do nothing for it,i asked them so many time,now i decided to cut myself from everyone, just energy work for my claire’s


Very fine points @DarkGodofQlippa

@Rota I’d like to add that while most of the users of the forum are LHP magicians, the forum itself is not directed to only the LHP. Most of us come from another forum that was mainly LHP focused and marketed towards magicians on the LHP. But this forum is more open to magicians of all paths. But fear mongering is discouraged, at least without good experience to back it up.


Yes as stated before all are welcome here, but this community is predominantly LHP.

There is room for everyone on OM though and we’re happy to have different practioners of different paths and disciplines.


Please elaborate.

That’s an interesting view. I’m curious about this one too if you’d like to offer an explanation on you’re meaning; hopefully it’s more interesting than listing offing abrahamic religions though.

Lol, don’t you also have an agenda?

Again, you’re making some interesting distinctions without giving background, are you interested in elaborating? Maybe I’m just not familiar with the terms you’re using, but I’m curious to understand your point.

:grin: :grin: same reaction from me

Don’t we all have one.

In complete agreement. While sometimes I think it’s important to give a good warning when talking about something a practitioner is intimately familiar with the dangers of, I think it’s strange to presume one knows more than another, especially on this type of platform.

Fear mongering can be fun, but it costs us a lot as a magick community (not just restricted to the forum, but in general). Unless someone seems in immediate danger; questions on background, conversation, and potentially directing someone toward educational materials or educating someone with respect are my choices. Ultimately, we’re all here to learn and chat, why not chat about the fun stuff.

Tis true indeed. I’ve seen more of them have intense problems than I have those of us that are more inclined to their energies and proclivities.

In slight disagreement with you.

I think it’s important to note that while we can help each other and grow together, even grow at different speeds, there’s a difference between becoming a magician under someone (meaning they would not have otherwise been a magician) and becoming a magician alongside and/or with guidance from another.

I have learned a great deal from some of you here and from people in other places, however I would be extremely offended if someone said I “became” a magician due to another person. I think this may be a language barrier issue, but I think it’s important to note that there’s a difference between the two things.

Go take care of the “thing on your neck” if it’s a real issue, then stop being afraid of using magick. People tend to create chaos in their lives due to fear of new things, stop being afraid and live your life.

Maybe you need to figure things out yourself or realize that “binding” spirits isn’t going to work for most folks because they aren’t actually binding spirits. Now, some people do, but most people out there talking about it probably aren’t. This is in the same way lots of people can claim to have other accomplishments that they don’t have, whether they know the truth of it or not May differ widely though.

Beautifully said!!


Tnx @Laurel_Spider , it’s all language barrier issue,sorry it’s my bad,by binding i meant the magician cast spell and binding on me,and the thing on my neck…well someone did ritual with lilith and aa michael for me and they are instead of answering my questions start warning me about those thing’s.
Lilith called them oysters, michael called them shadows.


Thanks for your reply @Rota, even to questions I didn’t ask. However, you seem to have misplaced it. No worries, I’ll help you out.

In reply to some of your views, I heavily disagree that “ignorance is strength.” I personally think that’s an atrocious world view. Nothing makes me disrespect someone as quickly as willful ignorance.

Thanks for the clarification on what you meant between “brain thoughts” and “mind thoughts.”

I’m curious about your view of the last world, this one, and the next. I will look into these topics as they are ones I haven’t heard much about. That said, I’m concerned to hear what “right relationship” means and if that somehow means that the LHP at large or subsections of it are “wrong.”

Your agenda sounds a bit preachy. Also, I’m concerned you missed the point of my asking whether or not you had one. My point was that just as humans have agendas, so too do spirits. We should not judge them in such extreme ways for having agendas when we also have them.

I have absolutely no idea what a “mineral kingdom” or a “vegetable kingdom” is. But, interesting perspective.

Please make sure you place your responses to me in the correct place from now on, it’ll be better for discussion and save us both some time I think.

Edit: @Rota stop fucking emailing me. There’s a reason you can’t message me here and your behavior is wildly inappropriate and crosses multiple boundaries. Fuck off with your borderline threat nonsense.


I agree we, us, I, you, the spirits, demons, angels, archangels everyone including spirits have agendas. It is actually king of dumb to say not to work with xYZ spirit because of agendas….hell, if that was an actual issue we shouldn’t talk with anyone including humans animals spirits or anyone.


I agree entirely, it’s about choosing who we want to be affected and manipulated by in my opinion. Perhaps even being able to choose how in some circumstances.



You clearly did not take the feedback I tried to give you constructively. That’s unfortunate, I did try to help you, yes I was assertive but that’s what the situation required…


The fact you seem to think you possess the truth and the right way, you and some elitist chosen ones and that the rest of us practice strength in ignorance for not seeing things your way is very offensive.

You came here to enlighten us? Do we understand your agenda now? Is this what you came here for?

My man you’ve got a whole head full of silly. You can peddle that Gaia channel philosophy to those spiritually destitute enough to want to hear it…You can probably seem like a wise master while you’re at it.

I hope we don’t encounter eachother again, it would be better that way. I’m able to hold my tounge now, but only just…

Please never talk to me. I will return the favor.


Is that where those terms came from? I’m unfamiliar with them and thought to look into indigenous traditions as some of them have mythos on different worlds; however I’ve not heard of them talked about in these ways.