Crystal Skulls 💀

Here are my crystal skulls. This has been an ongoing project of mine that isnt finished but is still a work in progress. When I get all my skulls together and the time is right I have a big working to do with them.

They can be worked with individually or in smaller groups but I’m working towards a group of twelve good sized skulls.

Somy second to biggest is this lavander yttrium flourite skull.

Yttrium is atomic number 39
A rare earth element.

It’s good for work with the crown chakra, and soul star chakra

Deities:. Quan Yin goddess of mercy and compassion, aspect of divine mother.

Powerful high vibration stone, aids in mystical and spiritual growth.
A high level of crystal energy, helps with psychic gifts, helps develope intuition, and make connection directly to divine. It is unique in that it is a variant type of flourite from Mexico where 20% of the calcium is replaced by one of the rare minerals , the element yttrium, unlike other types of flourite it helps open the soul star chakra.

It also increases the strength of aluminium and magnesium alloys.

Aids in connecting to the other side of the veil. Assists with automatic writing, resonates heart chakra or thymus chakra.

This is my second to biggest so far 2.13 pounds.

Cool side note: he will glow under a black light.


This one is my biggest at 2pounds 2 ounces.

This is my emerald skull.

Emeralds help magicians see visions, its a stone of truth and promotes against unwanted spells or enchantment. Magicians use emerald to shield from malevolent spirits and conjurations of others.

It is a life afirming stone. Opens the heart chakra and calms emotions. Promotes friendship, peace, harmony, domestic bliss, and enables the one to give and recieve unconditional love. Promotes honesty and loyalty so it is good for business transactions and partnerships.

Helps one to overcome musfortune. Helps with claustrophobia and rage.

Brings subconscious thought to the for front.

Promotes self awareness. It is the stone of eternal love.

Emerald is the birth stone of Taurus
And greeks would were it on fridays to honor aphrodite.

In vedic its associated with mercury mercury and itellegence.

It increases psychic sensitivity and clairvoyance.

It is also my birthstone and a favorite stone of mine.


These are really cool!


Thank you!


The Tiger’s Eye.

Another one of my bigger ones at 1.929 lbs

Tigers eye is a lucky stone. It attracts fortune.

Tigers eye offers protection and victory during war. It stimulates you to take action.

It is known for strength, intelligence, courage, ambition, power, and provides insight.

Tigers eye also has a pain relieving effect. It is excellent in bringing harmony to families and relationships.

Increases will power, emotional stability, helps one release feelings of jealousy. Helps you master emotions and improve physical energy.

Tigers eye, increases wealth and abundance.

Helps manifest goals and personal growth

It also helps relieve anxiety, stress and seasonal depression.


My Prehnite skull is 1 pound 8.8 onces.

Prehnite is a stone of magick and I felt an instant connection to this stone the moment I touched it.

It is of the element earth.

Its chakras are the heart and solar plexus.

It is associated with the number 5 and zodiac sign libra.

Prehnite uplifts vibrations, brings sense of abundance. Clears old energies and enbraces change.
Aliviates, nightmares, phobias,and fears.

Known as the “crystal of the gods” facilitates communication with souls and enities from spiritual world, intergalactic entities, and ones spiritual energy.

Charge in flowing water or in moonlight.



My sodalite skull is 15.2 ounces. Almost a pound.

Sodalite is associated with the moon and sagittarius.

Its chakras are the throat and 3rd eye

Sodalite is a strong 3rd eye stone it stimulates birth of clairvoyant ablities or strengthens them if you already have them.

It aids in communication.

It gives insight , mental enhancement, and is key to unlocking deepened intuition.

Sodalite aids in truth, helps with public speaking.

Stimulates psychic visions and help you to understand atrology and tarot.

It calms emotions and builds self-esteem.

Vibration number 4


Flower Agate.

My flower agate i am not certain of its weight but it is close in size and heaviness as my sodalite. Just a wee bit smaller.

Flower Agate is connected to the element of earth and is great for the heart and root chakras.

It is connected to taurus and scorpio

Flower agate ignites passion. It gives emotional support , self growth, and motivation.

It protects ud from fears and self doubt. Flower agate also helps us reach our highest potential.


This crazy guy is my clear quartz cluster skull

Elements all (earth,air, fire,water)

For any and all healings

Known as the Master Healer.

Helps with clarity, calmness, balance, cleansing negative energy

Associated with all zodiac signs

Known as the light bringer.

Its is a powerful amplifier. Whatever you pour into it it will pour out ten fold.



My amethyst is a 2" skull.

Very lovely and easy to hold.

Amethyst is special to me it is a stone that is special to my relationship with the Egyptian god Set.

Its planets are Jupiter and the moon.

Elements are water and air.

Dieties are generally Aros, Artemis, Baechus, Buddha, cupid, Diana, Dionysis

Charkras are crown and third eye

Amethyst helps with psychic ability, can give your abilities a boost, deepen meditation, healing, spiritual protection, inner strength, relieves stress, attracts positive energy, rids body of negative emotions, balance, sobriety, and wisdom

Amethystos is greek for sober.

Zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces.

Set had gifted me an amethyst bracelet and a few other amethyst things that is why amethyst is special to us.

My amethyst skull was the first skull to come to me in my 12 skulls working. I let the skull reach out to me and say here I am. Then I know its one of the right twelve.


For some reason these skulls are being difficult to get good pictures of.



This is one of my favorites. It’s about the size of my amethyst skull.

It’s chakra is the root.

It can remove negative people or bad luck from your life.

It is a neutralizer in that it can equally balance the left and right side of your body. A stone to feel more balance in your masculine and feminine energies.

It’s made mostly of carbon.

It is used in elixirs and potions for healing. And can purify water.

It is a good amplifier in magick and meditation, and in boosting the power of electromagnetic fields. Shungite can act as a conductor of your energy and it can drive it more strongly towards your desired outcome. It can ground your energy and help keep it more focused on your goal.

It’s great for purification, grounding, healing, and protection.


Pineapple Calcite :pineapple:

It’s just tad smaller than my amethyst and shungite.

Zodiac sign Leo.

Chakras are the solar plexus and sacral.

It’s a stone of happiness and joy.

For the body it can help the kidneys and pancreas.

And helps fight calcium deficiency.

It’s aids in mental stimulation, memory, wisdom, intuition, astral projection, channeling, and relieves depression.

Cleanse by smoke and recharge on top of a quartz crystal.


Up next we have smoky quartz

This one is about the same size as my amethyst one. 2"

Smoky quartz element is earth.

It is good for grounding, to dispel negative energy, detoxify the body and energy field from lower vibrations, protect the body from radiation, and can heal digestion issues.

Smoky quartz was used by druids to deepen and solidify their connection to the spirit realm and to nature.

It’s chakra is the root chakra.


I just realize I actually have twelve skulls. I have another clear quartz skull that would be the last one to post about. So that means I have work to do.

But I’m not sure exactly what it is I am to do, except place them all in a circle around me in side a circle. :thinking: that’s as far as I have gotten with the vision of it.


The last of my twelve the clear quartz since all of his info is the same as my clear quartz cluster skull I don’t really see the need to type all that up again.

But here he is

He’s probably about 1"


I also have these two cute babies that were gifts with purchases of some of the bigger skulls


I guess tonight I will follow the vision where it goes and see what happens.


Wow ok, I decided to do this now as my house is more quiet now than it will be tonight. And I wanted to type it up now while it was still fresh on my brain.

So I set up my circle

I placed all twelve skulls around the circle I didn’t think there was specific placement though I felt the two quartz crystals should be north and south.

I felt let to cleanse the area by ringing a bell. And the light my Reiki healing candle that I have had for a while but wasn’t sure when the right time to use it was

I sat in my circle facing north. And stretch out my hands. This put one hand over the prehnite skull and one over the amethyst.

I could feel extreme heat on my right hand which was over the prehnite skull.

I opened my eyes and actually looked because I knew there was nothing there that should be giving off heat.

Next I felt a surge of electricity move from all of the skulls into my body. Moving up and down my spine and throughout. Over and over.

Then I felt a spinning like my insides were spinning but not my skin. And the circle was spinning but wasn’t spinning. And around the outside of my circle I could all of the goetia, Bune, Abaddon, Belial, Amaymon, and others. Azazel and more. They were watching me. I know why they were in the circle I wasn’t evoking or invoking anyone but they were there. Not sure why. Just watching me but they seemed happy.

I felt this spinning for a bit clockwise, counter clockwise and back.

Then I saw myself inside of my circle but hovering over the earth. I saw it like the globe like this :earth_americas:. And I was above it in my circle like a magic carpet ride.

Then on each side of me were two trumpets that blasted very loud and I heard someone say, the queen.

Then I was not wearing the same thing but white with gold bands around the top of my arms like arm bands.

And I stepped off of my circle hovering over the earth and stepped into the earth and started to walk.

My candle is still burning in the center of my circle surrounded by my skulls as I type this. I felt it should be there a little longer.

The ritual music I used for this was this

It made sense that the skulls would choose the Reiki candle sense many of them have healing abilities.

I also do use the universal circle. It’s easy to take or use at home. It’s easy to store and easy to clean. Expect all candles seem to want to burn holes in it. As you can tell I’m a pyro.

So that was work tonight. I still have that high, woozy feel after a ritual so I all this is written well.



It’s the craziest thing I just realized I didn’t use the emerald skull… I totally missed it setting this up.

Technically there were still twelve skulls in ritual if you count my own. But it’s so odd that I left it out.

Maybe it’s to be used later. :thinking: I don’t think I could handle it all over again. Everything felt right.

I think this skull will have a purpose later. Though I’m not sure what yet.