Crow's Foot?

I’m looking for ideas about how to creatively use a crow’s foot. Spells, charms, botanicals, etc. Thanks!

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I think I read somewhere crows feet are used for hexes curses and jinx spells :thinking: but I’m not sure if the author was saying from experience or from 2nd hand knowledge someone told them or they read.

Add: I don’t remember where I read it though (book or online doesn’t help).

Might also be of use in trying to contact the dead as there are some cultures consider crows to be go betweens between our realm and the spirit lands (& also as omens of death in some of those cultures too). I’m thinking maybe it could be used in the bottom of a scrying bowl calling on the crow spirit to bring the other one forth? (Of corse it would need to be oil treated for that in advance so the water wouldn’t trigger it to rot).

Edit fix croissant to wouldn’t. Stupid spell checks :roll_eyes: as well as fox to fix


As soon as I read this I thought of using the crows foot to empower a servitor, specifically a messenger/spy servitor.

Maybe for a hex oil to dress a candle also.


To obtain occult knowledge and proceed well in the path towards it. To firmly grasp that knowledge and build a good foundation.


If I got my hands on one, I’d likely use it as an enchanted keychain or put it in my car for safe and swift travel.


Bird Feet

“You can make charms from bird feet according to what kind of bird the claw came from. You can figure out its qualities based on its behavioral patterns or folklore about the bird. The most popular use of bird feet is in protective magick. Most birds have big and sharp claws, and the idea is that they can scratch and gouge, a quality that can be used in defensive magick. Also, a charm made from a bird’s foot looks scary all on its own. However, bird talons can be used in many other ways, from love to prosperity.”

~ Kate Freuler (Of Blood and Bones: Working with Shadow Magick of the Dark Moon)

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I tend to do a lot of practical magick as opposed to “mysticism”, so your idea is really interesting to me. How would you go about this, if you were to try to do something?


Hmm you could certainly use it in many ways. You can be quite creative with it.

My ideas here take some loose inspiration from Agrippa’s First Book of Occult Philosophy. I could simply keep it by me during meditation or such. One idea is to tie it around one’s shin, and have it like that when seeking occult knowledge or invoking spirits for that purpose.

You could also place it into a black bag and carry it with you. Place it in the back bag with a sapphire and pine bark or pine leaves.

Praying that it aids you with this goal can also be good and would probably be advised if placed into such a bag.


@Dankquanicus Thank you!!

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