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Disclaimer: I ain’t an expert, don’t assume anything, ask your spirit guides. Let’s dive in!

Context and Framing
Let us image a person has a brain hemorrhage or heart attack. Nowadays, an ambulance can take you to a hospital. In a room, you stand a solid change of being “cured” or “fixed”.

Everyone reading this eyes are glazing over? why? because it is a “duh” a given. in our time and place that is not at all remarkable.

Let us image that same experience shown as a “vision” to some poor sod from the 18th Century. What else can she say, save “it is SATAN! 666!” Yelling about diabolical rooms full of forbidden EVIL INSTRUMENTS, the stench of hell ect ect.

Context and Framing.

To a person with a mind of the old age, of course. How can Crowley be anything other than the Beast 666? so spooky!

This Age is the Age of Aquarius, who is Horus. This is OOAONA, which is Enochian for EYE. Right, so you don’t have a third eye. You do have, however, a sphere formed of the word OOAONA. Putting on the lense of this age, like sunglasses: we see differently.

Dee, Kelley and the Forbidden Sessions

If I could, I’d tell them both that their “forbidden material” is GNOSTIC, not satanic. If you have done the work and red the nag hammadi scriptures, yes, all of them. An enochian angel speaking to dee and saying “jesus is not god” is obviously a gnostic declaration, not a satan deception.

Q & A

What makes Crowley-stuff different from xyz system of Western Magick?
It is about ages, called aions, also Emanations. hyperfixated on them.

Everywhere you go in Crowley, you will find Babalon. Applying gentle focus, we see that Babalon is Gateway to the Stars. As Ishtar was in that then. The New Star Gate is not edgy. It means if you wanna interact with Stars, go have a chat with Babalon.

Isn’t Babalon evil and just blind lust?
Expectation, Perception. Reality.
If you expect a spirit to kick the shit out of you, it will fill in that mold that you Willed, and so parts of your life have the theme of falling apart. congrats, you made a prison again, goofy!

Babalon is what you permit yourself to permit. A starting ground when working with any spirit can be “teacher”. So, if you approach Babalon as a teacher, you may get different results compared to a fundamental religious person who cannot pass up the opportunity to let that shadow out and insult everything about Woman simply because they do not understand that they can simply choose to heal.

Pick a flower for Babalon, and introduce yourself. Treat her as you would treat the Woman in your life whom you treasure.


to Summarize: the Archangel Enochian are different from traditional Archangels. Saying “He Who is Like God” in Enochian is vastly different from Michael of the known, old age systems. This feels very strange to me. I know not what to make of it.

Think of like the sort of magick you can buy on Amazon as unto the playing of a video game.
Enochian is like staring at the 0 and 1 computer code, dancing like the dope Matrix movie.



Given the versatility of the LBRP, I have selected a comparable rite to sort of pave the road for future conversation.

The first letter of Enochian is “B” “Pa” or “Pah” or “Peh”. (Welcome to enochian)

I’ve just been reading Enochian and focusing on Crowley’s ideas of the old Osirus age and the Current (not new, darn it!) Horus age. A little juxtaposition with the astrological ages, and we get a wonderful center of focus. a starting point.

did not the arrows melt off the armor of gilgamesh?



Basically, every creation myth has a reoccurring theme of “the first spoken sound of manifest creation”. Think of the AUM or OM sound. To the Kabbalist, who studies the Hebrew language: the first letter, Aleph, is pretty darn important. This frames the value of this first enochian letter.

It approximates the Aleph in Hebrew.

I’m a regular ass person, with lots of stuff to juggle. So, a source of frustration is just how darn little the Enochian everything has to say about the language itself. The jump is immediately made to the madlad davinci number and graph vibe of Enochian as a whole. That ish gives your freaking forever fire a headache :joy: (A Bornless Ritual joke. Not sorry)

I’d share more, but some stuff is best learned piece by piece.

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where the fuck to start with Crowley?

Before we continue, I’m not a Crowley-stan, as the kids say. To be honest, I disliked Crowley for much of my life. His stuff seemed like the church for edgelords. It’s wierd that as I continue doing my magicky thangs, I find myself led back to what I saw as an edgelord.

This simple Star Ruby Ritual is the LBRP with some Mars zest. This has much to do with Horus, i don’t fucking know what that means.

Curiously, this ritual feels closer when compared to the “old” LBRP. It is more snappy, faster, more attentive when compared to the LBRP of the old names.

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I may delete this, so read while it’s fresh off the grill!

Hypothetically, what if Enochian was the first spoken language? I know, ik. A bullshit argument that falls apart with history. Humor me.

We all love the motif of a Tree. Right? above, below. night, day. root, leaf.

What if Enochian as a hidden root of language?

This means it’s more Michael than Michael ect.

It is no coincidence that Babalon and Beast, right, themes of the book of Revelation. Start with the letter B. The beast and babalon are last in that mode. In enochian the last are very much the first: from a motherfucking linguistic point of view. This is marvelously gnostic in flavor, and not satanic. satanic was the insult of the old age. it’s gnostic jesus time!

Taking the biblical conception of B.abalon and B.east and B, the first Enochian letter:

I’m probably not gonna crack this treasure chest open: but these three are very much related.

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Excellent observation! If I remember the New Testament correctly jesus said something of how the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

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I wonder and i’m not being mystical, I’m just throwing out an idea lol
If part of the fears of the book of Revelation revolve around the Bible’s suppression of the Feminine (in general, yes) As, Yahweh can bury the wife Asherah. Just Holy Ghost, no longer Sophia ect. But, even if a “divine masculine” performs the act of suppression on a “divine feminine”, that is still shadow bro. Maybe some of Revelation is basically an attempt to describe a new order overtaking the old way of things? Babalon as Gateway to Stars (like an Ishtar) makes sense to a new, current order. To the old piscean age, it just sounds like an edgy elevation of sexual expression.

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Ritual of the Mark of the Beast

The last will be first is a sort of inversion of values that arrives with the shift of the ages. Right? God of the prior is the devil of the current.

The disgusting abomination of a whore sitting on a many headed red hydra is disgusting and evil!
To the old perception, the gone age.

Know you not, in the Cup of Abominations of Madam Babalon upon the Red Dragon:
is the very light that is so bright that caused Kether to spay: Thaumiel, thy light, light so bright: my eyes are blind! and so I call thee: DARK! OBSTRUFICATION, abortion.

The Last will be First. said the bible.
Inversion of Values, said Crowley.

The last man’s first appearance is in “Zarathustra’s Prologue”. According to Nietzsche, the last man is the goal that modern society and Western civilization have apparently set for themselves. After having unsuccessfully attempted to get the populace to accept the Übermensch as the goal of society, Zarathustra confronts them with a goal so disgusting that he assumes that it will revolt them – a culture which seeks only passive comfort and routine, avoiding everything that could potentially bring risk, pain, or disappointment.[1] Zarathustra fails in this attempt, and instead of repelling and manipulating the populace into pursuing the goal of the Übermensch, the populace take Zarathustra literally and choose the “disgusting” goal of becoming the last men. This decision leaves Zarathustra disheartened and disappointed.

TAT TVAM ASI: “thou art that”
I am that which is not that. Which is more of a descriptor of a way of perception, and not ego boasting.


Veiled as the Jester atop the Throne spoiler alert: it means the throne of god

There are indeed profound currents of power. The thing is, some of these profound currents of power have built-in safety mechanisms. If a Stevie Wonder Self Proclaimed Living whatever really is a Living Diety:

why do I divine these Secrets!
strike me not!

For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

If you disagree with this, you are ego. Ego dies.

Torture in the Garden

Look, do not harm animals. Animals are the innocent pure love and expression of being. It is not bound by time, or worry. It is more Buddah than Buddah.
Animals reflect or echo star-stuff. We see animals in the mythology of the Constellation myths, notably the Greek materials.

If existence was as Fallout 4: to call yourself a living diety and torture animals for a few hundred dollars, closeting your secret smile as you harm life: this: bro this is just fucked up and wrong. It’s the same something, religious leaders abusing. There is a common something that is shared here.

If the hidden desire of your heart is to kill animals for the pleasure of the bringing about of harm: to sort of limit your lust to just kill any and every thing:

Please do not offer spiritual services and please do therepy. all the magic chads of the new era do therepy. Its a foundation of black diamond.

Spiritual leaders, especially the self-proclaimed! Needs to be examined with a scientific lense. A great sore of the magical community is it’s inability or lack of will to See: as the very religious leaders your decry: thee, thou to are culpable and susceptible to the very thing!

Many a self proclaimed one has thought himself to have founded something of significance.

You see that itch to destory, that tik that reflects the desire of one who can only hurt and not sing or dance: that ain’t your friend.

Seek into yourself whatever the fuck the kingdom of xyz actually means. Do not be enamored with lovely words or youtube glamors.

If you used to be a youtube celebrity:
Animal-Avatar does not like being snuff filmed. Specifically, it does not like having the event recorded and called “magick”. Further, it super duper does not like being sold for like 500 fucking dollars.

“trauma is not an excuse” is a theme of your Greater.

Edit: friendly reminder that if you are on this forum I’m not talking about you. Ego, itself, seems to feel guilty, by default. This is suspicious.

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[The title is Latin and means Book 5 or Book of the Prince. Regulus is also the name of the star which marks the beginning or 0 degree of the constellation Leo.]

The Prince of the Sun.
Hi, Horus! :sunglasses: