Comparison: YogSothoth OR Melek Taus, are they the same or just similar?

What do they share?

-Both are the first or among the first creations of their respective god
-Both are allseeing and all knowing.
-Both are “below” a god who is generally perceived to be “passive”.
-Both get represented with a plethora of freaking eyes.

On a side note:

What i find so irritating and fascinating about Melek Taus, is that he is basically what Satan or Lucifer would be IF he had not been demonized.

I have a trauma ridden bias against abrahamic religion and related practices,
but with growing interest i see myself giving to yazidism a exception.

I consider myself child of yogsthoth, tiamat and a couple of other entities.
There are also entities who didnt create or birth me, but who “made me” -as in shaped me in a substantual way.

What im trying to say is: Im not trying to embrace syncreticism, im not that lazy
-i just want to know if those very similar beings are actually one and the same.

“But why dont you just call them up yourself” -well t,hat is the thing:
-trauma, trust issues
-and i dont want my bias and attachment to the situation, cloud my incoming messages


When you call Yog-Sothoth, you’ll likely get an egregore until you finally get the entity behind it.

Having interacted with both more than non teivially with YS, they feel nothing alike when I call then. Their energies are radically different.


And what conclusions did you come to from interacting with them? :thinking:

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This. Nothing alike, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.


I have never spoken to Yog-Sothoth but I work with Melek Taus frequently, so I guess I will weigh in.

No idea what YS’s energy is like, but in my experience Melek Taus is like… Chaotic Neutral. He didn’t bow to Adam and I doubt he would bow before any other human or entity. In fact he doesn’t seem to have respect for any other entity, except diplomats, and indeed I have seen him treat other (just as powerful) entities with complete disregard or casual contempt, but he will coexist alongside them if it suits his purposes (I think – I only have limited experience testing this theory, and even then it was just to try and fix a fuck-up I made after inviting another entity into Melek Taus’s domain). There are really only a handful of entities I can think of him showing any kind of respect toward.

Yes, according to Yazidism/Yezidism he is the first emanation of God, but they seem to worship him AS God.

I would definitely not recommend him to beginners, although I suppose people wouldn’t recommend YS to beginners either.

Hmm… Depends what you mean. I personally think of Satan as a mask or title that can represent a few different entities. I don’t work with Lucifer much but he is much more calm and stable than Melek Taus.

Yeah, if you’re going to visit Melek Taus, probably don’t have Tiamat involved in any way. :sweat_smile: Take someone neutral like Raziel.


Lol, tbh the reason i got into the old ones bakc in 2018?
Was that they appeared to me in a most direct manner.
They were not vague and distant like other deities.
~For me at leas,t they just come in, open your eyes and they dont care if you will shit your pants when you see what you will be seeing.

So personally i feel comfortable with them, but i guess everyone is drawn int oa different direciton. I mean, in my first few years i tried going into the qliphoth and stuff, but there was just nothing it didnt click.


what do you mean “someone neutral”
-tiamat is literally “life+mother”, and in myth only got violent nad created legions of demons, AFTER the younger gods kiled her husband and forged the seemingly very entitled bitch that is Marduk. And seeing how it is said that humanity was made by Enki, using the blood of Kingu, i would see Tiamat like a pagan deity usually is: Not necessarily human but close enough, and anything but “pure evil”.

If the myth is to be taken less literal, then Tiamat and Apsu made/are everything including the younger gods, who then took over.

((sorry got some headaches, might be a bit grumpy))


Basically, the story of Melek Taus and Iblis is the same, except the end.
-Iblis didnt bow to adam and got punished, while Melek Taus was seen as having proved his loyalty to the big guy, by only bowing to him.

And in general, as with the instance of mankind not meant to eat grain, but MT letting them anyway, because they were supposed prosper. ~So he isnt a adversary, but seemingly takes what the big guy is giving him with a grain of salt.


Now that i tihnk about it, MT seems to be a more active figure than YogSothoth,
or am i wrong?

MT is (seemingly) like someone you listen to or ask for something, while YogSothoth has be sought out for “unconventional” insights, knowledge etc


It’s okay to be different and have different things and spirits jibe better with you :slight_smile:

When I was still pretty new, I had the Loa (Lwa but I like the French version better for some reason) breathing down my neck and was scared of the voodoo bullshit rumors, and actually refused to work with them based on what I was told and read.

You know that whole being a super white girl and having no rights to it thing, right?

I know it’s not really related, but don’t be discouraged if our experiences are different from your own, that doesn’t necessarily invalidate it at all. It’s like if everyone eats napoleon flavored ice cream at the same time.

Some of us got strawberry, some chocolate, some vanilla. Some of us got a slice with all three… :woman_shrugging:

We are going to each say it tastes like the flavor we got most of probably, but it doesn’t necessarily on its own mean that anyone got mint chocolate chip by mistake.


All good :slight_smile: I said this only because I see some syncretisation between Leviathan and Tiamat, Nothing to do with “pure evil” or anything. Simply that I took Leviathan as a guide with me when I first encountered Melek Taus, and Melek Taus attacked Leviathan.

A neutral entity/guide would be someone like Hermes, Raziel, or maybe Lucifer.

Yep, I know. I did a lot of deep-diving into Melek Taus when he was nudging me to contact him. I am not claiming to be any kind of expert on Melek Taus; it was difficult (basically impossible) to find any kind of practical occult-related workings related to him, so I had to figure it out on my own. I have worked with him a lot and have an entire thread devoted to my encounters with him, because I think he deserves the attention and is, as far as I can tell, supremely underrated and under-utilised.

Never worked with Yog-Sothoth so I’m afraid I can’t comment on that; @norse900 may have more information. Melek Taus is one of three main entities I work with most closely. He is “active”, for me, but I suppose it depends what you mean by “active”. In my experience it means he shows up when he wants to demand my attention (whereas I know other people who have called him and been given the cold shoulder, or just shook hands over a business deal and left it at that, or have been completely disregarded by him); and/or it means I can very easily ping him and invite his presence; and he obliges me in almost anything I ask him to do.

“Active” in the sense of being called on by many people? I don’t think so. Like I said, I struggled to find information about him and had to develop my own pathworking. If he has a sigil/seal I have no idea what it is.

Melek Taus has his specialities, like most entities. But I think with a close working relationship, he would try his best to help with whatever you asked for. Sure, if someone petitioned him for a request, he might oblige or he might outright refuse. However that’s not the relationship I have with him so I’ve never done that kind of “set and forget” petition ritual with him. I always make the effort to meet with him and converse.

Also I don’t think he is someone who would just hand out knowledge for free… if that makes sense. I don’t exactly know. But I do know other people have reported experiences with him where they asked him questions and he just mocked them, or laughed at them and refused to answer. :confused:

(Edit: hope your headache goes away and you feel better soon)


grr its been hours, still those headaches -maybe i should check in later

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i mean as in: out there, doing something
also dont think that quantity is everything -look at the abrahamic religions. Of those 4.2 billion people -over half of humanity, how many are actually doing something to manifest anything, or to become more than what they are? Barely any.

for me personally, i seem to get more results with entities im on a friend or family or lover sort of basis.

im pretty sure, even my more beloved deities and creations have done that on a few occaisons :wink: i think that is just part of the banther really :person_shrugging:

At least with my experiences, such a thing was more of a part of “tough love”


Hey just FYI I am moving this to a new category we’ve created for entities, evocation, and spirit work :slight_smile:


That could be the case. But as far as what Melek Taus considers his agenda to be, I have no idea. I guess geing worshipped as a religious figure isn’t the same as being spoken to as an independent entity with their own thoughts, if you know what I mean.

I personally think the church and the bible couldn’t be more separate from each other. As much as I hate to sound preachy, people don’t “pray” the right way. Most of my work is founded in the Law of Consciousness, a lot of which is grounded in biblical scripture. Sure, some people experience miracles and attribute them to God. But I think the majority do not, because they spend 99.99% of their day focusing on and worrying about their problems, then maybe 0.01% “praying” for their problems to be fixed. But their prayers are rooted in fear, or as we would put in, in “lust for results”.

It’s so-so for me. For instance I am not close with Bael but he has never failed me. I’m not against set-and-forget petitions/evocations at all, it just so happens that I end up developing a fascination with and then a working relationship with an entity, and I go to them for help with everything, even if it’s not a speciality of theirs.

True. Although I am trying to think of a time where someone I’m close with has outright refused to answer me. There are certainly times early in a working relationship where I can’t “hear” a spirit, clairaudiently or clairsentiently, at all. I don’t think I’ve ever asked a question and been outright refused an answer. Then again I’ve never really asked Melek Taus anything like that, so who knows. But I’ve definitely asked some spirits “will you do X for me?” and they’ve outright told me no. But at least that’s an answer, I guess.


Twice Samedi has refused to answer me, both times were in regards to Washington and trying to prevent what happened from a. Happening then b. Reversal.

Clearly I am better off he ignored me, but it seemed dire and important to me then.


If anyone says that again blow their mind by telling them you and everyone else on this planet regardless of race are black under the skin. No light gets past your skin ergo you are black as pitch beneath the skin :stuck_out_tongue:

They won’t like it, but it’s the absolute truth (the red only shows red once it’s exposed to the light). In pitch black under the unbroken skin it would look just as black as the rest of the insides of you.


My YS stuff isn’t ready to be public. I’m past the first few egregors/servitors, but he hasn’t called in a while, as I was working on some necromancy stuff.

Soon though. He is one of the few idols on my altar.