(Circle Reading) being in multiple circles at once

A couple of years ago while doing my work , The golden eggs of Tiamat , (which was wrote out on a different forum) I learned I could be in multiple circles at once.

Didn’t really work with it too much though. I can see multiple circles and go inside them when I feel strongly pulled or that all magicians are doing a working together but in separate locations.

Seeing multiple circles is more or less the easy part. Going inside the circles and being aware of being in each circle and noticing everything in all circles is a bit more challenging.

I want to work on it. I want push myself to see as many circles and be aware of being in each circle as I can.

So this is where I will document my practice and note what I see and how much I see in each circle and the number of circle I see at one time.

I will start with seeing and going into two circles at once and then describe the experience.

After I have mastered two, I will go to three and so on.

Ok here it goes.


I get comfortable close my eyes and say, show me two circles. I’m just doing two random circles so I’m not looking for a specific one.

See two, one made of white fire and with pink fire. I have them locked in and to be inside both at once, I need to divide myself into two. So there is big me that can look and observe and two little duplicates of me inside each circle.

I achieve that, the two divided me walk up to each circle and touch the flames. The pink flames are kinda low and the fire is fairly hot. The flames dance on my hand in a playful manor.

The white flames are very high and thick. A very strong wall of fire. I feel these flames at the same time. I can breathe their essence and get a feel for things about the magician inside.

The me that is there with each circle then parts the fire and steps inside.

The circle with the white fire feels very masculine and indeed it belongs to a male magician. I can see candles lit but they are not all the same level, it appears they are setting at different heights, like different size stands, it feels like this magician is doing a type of ritual with chanting. I can hear him chanting.

The circle with pink flames is feminine and has a very playful feel to it. There is one candle lit in the center of the circle. She has a notebook. It seems she is working on a spell, using candle magick. Her hair has pink in it and it’s pulled back. I feel this magician is just starting this path. I hope she works on building up her protection and defenses in the near future. But over all it’s a nice circle. I feel ice cream in this circle. Something about ice cream. I don’t think her spell is for ice cream but maybe she wants ice cream or has some plans to go have ice cream.

The white fire circle is going great, he is deep into his chanting. I feel a hawk in this circle and indeed one lands on my shoulder. Good lookout.

Now at this point I can do a few things, keep looking and observing or I can touch them giving them a magick boost. I could hold the flames open for another spirit to enter. Or I could feed off the circles and/or rip them apart. I could also use my magick to boost their flames up if I thought they were in danger. Or any number things I might think of to do. But I have no reason to be baneful or harmful.
So, I can continue observing or give their work a little power surge. I think I will help them out since they unknowingly played a part in my work.

The me that is in each circle touches the magician and sends a little bolt of power to their work.

Big me views all of this like a giant eye watching the small me enter the circles and go to work.

When I’m done I pull the smaller me’s back to one.

I could see both circles at once I my eyesight.

How many can I split into to be in multiple circles and experience them at once. I’m not sure. I think the most I accidentally did was six. But two was easy. So, on to the next.

Note: I didn’t want to jump too far ahead of myself but I also knew I could connect the two circles. I can’t explain how I knew but I just did.

I think that would be beneficial to magicians doing group work but who are separated by location. Connecting the circles would basically be like making all the magicians be in the same place for their working, connected and protected.

But that’s a project for another time.


Here goes three. I’m going to read 3 magicians circles that I know, but they are not members of the forum so I won’t use their names.

These are three male magicians. Mainly because I just know more male magicians.

I relax close, my eyes and I see the three circles. One circle sort of at the top and then the two.

The first/top circle has very red and bright flames, the are burning very well, the flames go high.

The circle on the left is made of a light yellow/orange shade. They are burning well and go high. But not quite as high as the first.

The circle to the right has orange flames. They seem thick and solid.

I see these three circles from the big me with the eye.

I split into three , and enter each circle. Inside each of them is a pentagram. They are hanging , like hanging on a wall or something. They aren’t identical , they are each made differently.

The one with the orange flames has some pillows about on the floor maybe for comfort like doing meditations. It feels cozy in this circle. Kinda gives off hippy vibes. I can almost smell the weed being smoked. It’s a laid back and relaxed circle. Like just breathe and be free.

The yellowish orange circle has a cat, and this circle feels, like taking back control. Maybe things were a little crazy for a bit but now things are getting more controlled. There is a mirror in this circle, it’s kinda of big and seems to be a silvery portal to a place he doesn’t speak much of, but it is easy to move in and out of and can be fun. New beginnings are what I get from this circle. It has a lot of black and red colors inside the circle. And there’s a book or grimoire.

The top circle with the red flames has a magician busy at work. He’s making something using a mortar and pestle. He’s been at it for days now. Like a very specific recipe.
There’s some sharp objects in the circle, I feel like he uses his blood alot for his work. There’s an overpowering current in this circle. A very strong will to have his way.

These are the three circles I saw at the same time today and went inside.

Seeing the circles in the view of the big me, I touch them and they start to spin. Not fast and crazy but a nice slow spin , clockwise.


I don’t know if I will do three again or move on to four. I haven’t really felt a challenge yet. So, I may move on to four.

At some point I probably need volunteers so I can check myself. But right now it’s the practice I’m after.