Circle Jumping and loaded power bombs

Several years ago, I needed exicute a few curses on a couple of magicians.

I knew I could find their circles easily enough. But I needed to pack a punch. I created energy balls and hung them in trees, where the Lwa came and infused them with curses.

When the time was right I went up through the first circle, and nailed the first magician in the third eye with one of my magick balls. Then, I could sink down into the circle and like moving through portals I could be inside my next targets circle and deliver another cursed enery ball to their third eye.

It was mostly a test run. But, was very successful. Oh yea, did I mention that I dont have to enter a circle the way I do in circle reading, thats just to check on defenses and protection of other things getting in, I can come in from the bottom, like rising up from the abyss. :smirk: :fire:

I had forgotten about it but felt it was time to share another of my abilites. I spent years sitting back trying things and seeing the results play out.

Circle Jumping is fun, I enjoy it and its a good way to deliver my own signature hits.

Azazel, Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial made the first jumps with me. They followed me on the attack. They seemed to have bussiness in those circles as well.

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