Chinese Esoterica & Occultism: Free Learning Resources

Chinese Esoterica & Occultism: Free Learning Resources

Bennebell Wen offers several free video courses, for those who are interested:

Asian Metaphysics

Wu Xing: Five Movements Toward Change 五行 · 오행 - YouTube

Soul Dualism in Esoteric Buddhism - YouTube

Taoist Magick

Taoist Witches? What is Asian Witchcraft? - YouTube

The Rebellious Origins of Witchcraft: Taoist Magic Edition - YouTube

Are Taoist Mystico-Religious Practices Open or Closed Traditions? - YouTube

The Lo Shu Magic Square (雒書, Luò Shū) - YouTube

An Asian "Wheel of the Year" - East Asian Lunisolar Astrology - YouTube

Taoist Spirit Maps (靈圖, Língtú) - YouTube


Crafting with a Ba Gua Mirror in Traditional Asian Witchcraft - YouTube

What is the I Ching (Yijing) Book of Changes? - YouTube

Interpretation of I Ching Hexagrams - YouTube

Yarrow Stalk Divination: I Ching - YouTube

- YouTube

Energy Work

Strengthen Your Qi: Essential Guide to All Metaphysicians | Bell Chimes In #39 - YouTube


Tarot Books, Taoist Magic, Banishings, Evil, Death, Solomonic Keys: Answering Your Questions Part II - YouTube

Demonology | Bell Chimes In #21 - YouTube


Free Coursera MOOCs: