Chinese Esoterica & Occultism: Free Learning Resources

Chinese Esoterica & Occultism: Free Learning Resources

Bennebell Wen offers several free video courses, for those who are interested, Her courses are no where near on the level of what an actual lineage member practices / teaches, however.

Asian Metaphysics

Wu Xing: Five Movements Toward Change 五行 · 오행 - YouTube

Soul Dualism in Esoteric Buddhism - YouTube

Taoist Magick

Taoist Witches? What is Asian Witchcraft? - YouTube

The Rebellious Origins of Witchcraft: Taoist Magic Edition - YouTube

Are Taoist Mystico-Religious Practices Open or Closed Traditions? - YouTube

The Lo Shu Magic Square (雒書, Luò Shū) - YouTube

An Asian "Wheel of the Year" - East Asian Lunisolar Astrology - YouTube

Taoist Spirit Maps (靈圖, Língtú) - YouTube


Crafting with a Ba Gua Mirror in Traditional Asian Witchcraft - YouTube

What is the I Ching (Yijing) Book of Changes? - YouTube

Interpretation of I Ching Hexagrams - YouTube

Yarrow Stalk Divination: I Ching - YouTube

Moon Block Divination (筊杯, Jiao Bei): Tinkering Bell #5 - YouTube

Energy Work

Strengthen Your Qi: Essential Guide to All Metaphysicians | Bell Chimes In #39 - YouTube


Tarot Books, Taoist Magic, Banishings, Evil, Death, Solomonic Keys: Answering Your Questions Part II - YouTube

Demonology | Bell Chimes In #21 - YouTube


Free Coursera MOOCs: