Chakra Stone for Balance

Create a Chakra Stone by painting a column of color on your stone from root to crown.

You will need a paint set and brushes.

Go for a walk and find a stone that feels good when you hold it.

Then set your paints up , ground yourself and center. When you are calm, visualize your root and say I have and paint a red dot.

Visualize your sacral and say I feel and paint an orange dot.
Visualize your solar plexus and say I will
And paint a yellow dot.
Visualize your heart and say I love and paint a green dot.
Visualize your throat and say I speak and paint a blue dot.
Visualize your third eye and say I see
And paint an indigo dot.
Visualize your crown and paint a violet dot. And say I know

Make sure to start with the red dot at the bottom of your stone and add each dot to the top of the last. So they are stacked.

Breathe calm balanced energy into the stone.

Hold the stone whenever you need help balancing or when you feel disconnected.

This was from the spell a day book 2017.

I have individual crystals 7 that I use for each chakra. But I like this work, it gets you outside in some fresh air and into some nature. It boost creativity with painting. And can be used daily. And It’s inexpensive.