Cats - Magickal creatures: show me yours! 😺

This is Mr. Piggles. He’s definitely a Magickal creature. In this photo he’s just about to let me know he doesn’t want to be held anymore :joy::joy:

A brief story:. We have a feral cat that regularly hunts and plunders food stuffs and even steals Mr Piggles cat food pretty regularly here. There is a real big difference between a house cat and a feral one. I mean like the intelligence Mr. Piggles displays far exceeds the animal cunning of the feral one. I don’t care what scientists say. Animals can know ( not necessarily understand though) many things. IMO animals are far more capable of thought than science gives them credit for.

I wonder if being raised and living with our kind ( humans) unlocks some kind intelligence related faculties of the cat?

Lastly they say white cats usually have genetic defects and suffer poor eyesight or hearing. They are clingy because of this. I don’t know about the first part but Piggles is totally a lap cat. He actually comes when you call him by name.

If you have a cat or would like to interject anything the subject I’d love to hear from you.


I have so many things to say about cat ! At the moment, I have 11 cats at my mom’s house, and we used to have more before, but some died and some more arrived and replaced them.
Cats are special to me, and I know for a fact that some of my cats that died, are still around to protect us and watch over us. I can see them in the astral sometimes. Even my mom had an experience with her old kitty cat that died in november/december. Two weeks ago he came to visit in her sleep. Lovely experience :heart:


@Mei beautiful story. I am positive cats see into the astral, sometimes I get nature spirits drawn from the properties gardens to the temple and my cat stalks and chases what can only be described as tiny invisible things, gotta be brownies, elves, gnomes, etc.


I had two cats a few years ago but had to rehome them because my husband had to PCS to Alaska and we couldn’t take them with us. They came from two different litters but I got them both at the same time and they were thick as thieves. I loved those two little guys. Tigre and Estevan (Vonnie) Vonnie is the one on top and Tigre is on the bottom. my daughter died two months before I got the cats, so I needed something to nurture and to help with the grief. Boy did those cats help.

Tigre would just jump on my lap and cuddle and while Vonnie was more aloof, he would still come for a cuddle or two. Cats are glorious creatures. The only reason I won’t get another for now is because my two youngest sons are afraid of them. I’ll give them some time until they’re brainwashed more comfortable with cats.


First, the Pennsylvania farm cat, Meowth. I was getting ready to upload another photo of her when she came over to get pet.

Next is Marble, our Halloween kitty (colors). She was found with a litter of her own in Hawaii. We arrived in Hawaii with 1, left with 3.

Here, she was looking out the basement window at the birds on the grass, but heard me coming. She’s a yowler, for whatever reason, and the other two have started copying it.

Last is Mimosa, also a Hawaii rescue. We got her way young and the other two cats would pummel her. Now she’s longer and stronger than both. We had to keep her in the office at night for her safety and she’s not very friendly, despite us socializing her. I’ll try to get a picture of her markings. She’s much more friendly at dinner time.

My last name starts with M, so we call them our M&Ms.


Love Mr Piggless

This is the catto who visits the hostel whenever Belial swings by :purple_heart:


Awesome photos of cats @norse900 and @Onyo


Here we go. Unlike Meowth, Mimosa has very distinct markings on her. She thpught it was treat time, so she came to the kitchen.


I had a cat named Sophie, she was beautiful. She had thumbs, and learned how to jump up and turn door knobs to open doors.

She also thought that if she ran full speed, jumped on the bed and then jumped on the bed it would spring her up to the ceiling to catch a bug. My daughter thought that was the funniest thing ever to watch.

Sadly, we couldnt keep her when we had to move.

Now I have two dogs, Max a mixed rescue dog and Mabel a chihuahua rescue.

Max, will run jump on my lap and give me hugs. And if anyone comes near me he sees as a threat he gets between me and them and growls and acts insanely viscious but hes not. Hes scared to even go for a ride in the car. But will protect “mom” no matter the danger. Which is surprising since hes technically my sons dog. I just say he knows who brings in the groceries :rofl:


Some pictures of my kitties :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We have two female cats that both showed up on our porch and just never left. The black one is Frank and the orange one is Bert.


Ah, forgot about these pics. Christmas tree decoration last year. 2 of the 3 were getting into it.


I had to clean Mr. Piggles ears and the corners of his eyes this morning. He’s so well behaved, he enjoys being taken care of.

I had a full morning planned and totally forgot to set the alarm and he woke up me up on time by gently biting my nose. :man_shrugging:t3::joy::joy:


The befouled breakfast…

Ok I promise this is my last Piggles post.

I wanted Abit of juice to wash down my eggs and rice breakfast and put the plate down next to me and went for juice ( not spotting the stalking Count Pigula)

I came back and the cat was eating my breakfast :scream:

He just ate a whole bowl of cat food, no way was he actually hungry. He just wanted people food because it’s off limits. :joy::joy:


That’s a nice looking table.


This is Stella, almost 2 years old

She hides but has no awareness of the lower half of her body


If there’s one thing I’ve seen on this thread is that these vicious killers (and they are) seem to be in a trustworthy place.


Mine leave offerings of carcasses at the back door all spring and summer long.


Oh, the potential bone pile…small bones still accepted…


My favorite topic caaaaaaatttts! :heart_eyes:

First cat is named Pepper but we just call her Kitty. Lol Shes the second cat I ever personally owned. Sadly the first cat passed a few days before we got this one and I dont have any photos of her on this phone. I cant live without a cat so I got this girl as soon as I was able. Its been 6 or so years since then. Shes more aloof than the other cat we own but still enjoys a good pet.

Second cat is named Roxie or as we like to call her…Tubby. (her “belly flap” is much more noticeable than the other cat so it makes her look slightly overweight haha) A rescue we got when we moved into our house so our other cat wouldnt feel lonely. Shes more people friendly than the other.