Cast a spell on an object

Tomorrow I’m going to gift someone an item that belongs to me, it’s an ordinary bandana.

I’m giving it to a girl can I cast a love spell or a sex spell on this bandana,I want her to be obsessed with me when she wears it. Is there an example of magic or a book that describes spells like that?


I can’t think of a book that describes a spell like this. But the beauty of magick is that if you can imagine a spell, you can likely achieve it.

Some people on this forum could probably tell you how to specifically imbue the bandana with magickal properties using incense or herbs or oils or all of the above. In my opinion, you should imbue it mostly with intent. As in, you should convince yourself that giving this item to the girl means you will get what you want. Maybe even daydream and imagine a scenario in the future where she shows you the bandana and tells you that she immediately fell for you (or became obsessed with you) when you gave her that gift.

Hopefully that makes sense.

In addition, or alternatively, you could meditate over the bandana and imbue it with your intent, that whenever she sees it or touches her, she thinks about you. You could petition another entity (like Sitri or Dantalion or Haniel) to help with this as well.


You might want to be a bit more specific about the sort of obsession you want when you do the spell

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I asked about obsession with love, she said if she doesn’t have obsessive feelings, it will explode, what does that mean?

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I think that would be a worst case scenario but it’s not likely to be as bad as saying explode makes it sound. Basically that means it might fail or backfire (theoretically in the worst case a backfire could have you obsessed with her and her totally not interested). As far as I can tell that’s what the person meant by explode (it definitely WONT actually physically blow up anything so I don’t think it could mean anything other then it could backfire on you when they said that).

Add: was it your target said that? If so it might mean they have a counter spell to make it backfire so they it affects you instead of them a return to sender type spell. If so you might want to reconsider doing the spell at this time since if it was the target said it, it would be better to wait til they forget about it to cast the spell rather then doing it when they are actively working against it.

About obsession…

Even if it works, consider this about obsession… it might lead to them phoning 200+ times a day asking where you are what you’re doing, parking outside your house waiting to talk to you ALL the time stuff like that. Think about that and if you and anyone else like roommates parents etc can handle that. Also heaven forbid you aren’t at their beck and call one day it could turn from obsessed love to obsessed hate with them trying to kill you for spurning them (even if you didn’t and just couldn’t do whatever with them that day).

Now you’re aware of potential risks…

If you can handle those risks then…

Go for it with 110% effort!:smiley:

this is awesome.

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Yesterday I petitioned a prince to completely break up with that person’s boyfriend and be more interested in me.

she started to take care of me more that’s true but she didn’t break up with her boyfriend actually i succeeded 80 percent.

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