Candles help

What colour of candle could be used in a mind manipulation ritual??

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When in doubt, white candles work with everything.


What kind of manipulation? Depression, obsession, anxiety, positive thinking, anger, sweetening? Magick is manipulation.


It’s for simply changing mind, and causing guilt in someone

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Changing someone’s mind is not generally simple. What are you trying to change their mind about? If it is something they have a fixed and strong opinion on, you will want to do some domination work. In that case, red is generally a good bet. If you want to make them feel guilty, black is a good bet.


As @Shanao said, white candles are the best go-to if you can’t find anything better, or don’t have a specific idea.

As Myth said, colour-coded candles are better to target more specific areas. Base this on colour theory or colour psychology. Red for love, passion, anger, war. Black for baneful. Blue for deep emotion, calming effects, healing. Green for wealth or envy. Yellow also for healing, but moreso for brightness and improved mood. If you’re working with certain spirits, they may also have a preferred colour.

Research colour psychology/colour theory and it might inspire you.

Otherwise, white candles are just as good. In the colour matrix, white contains all colours within itself, and that’s why it can easily be used as a stand-in for another colour, or for a catch-all.