Brian Froud's Faeries Oracle

Fantastic oracle, both for divination and faerie interaction.

Beware tho, real beings are attached to the oracle. :smiling_face:


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My first “formal” faery account came to me with that oracle.

Overall most of people who are interested in faery and got into Brian Froud’s work experience them.

If you want to start with something “safe”, here’s a good place.

I very rare use it as an oracle, i take the cards as doorway to the beings that are linked to them.


When I was a little girl, I had a “dream” that wasn’t really a dream at all. I found an underground tunnel and was led through it by little brown, twiggy creatures that look so much like what you see in Froud’s work. They took me by the hand, grinned, and ran with me.

I don’t remember what was on the other side, just the feeling of having been there for days. It was an amazing adventure. It ended when I came upon a white castle in green hills with a white dragon flying around it. I was so full of awe that “I woke up”.

The magic of childhood. I do miss it. I’ve had enough oobe’s / lucid dreams to know the feeling of “more than a dream”. This was a journey.


I absolutely love how you worded that…you probably sold me on getting this oracle as my next buy!

Exciting stuff :fire:


Enjoy their company then :heart:

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I was quite desperate last december.

I petitioned one of the faery lord mentionned in the deck/book.He told me “you will get an answer next Monday”…

The next monday a lot of “fortunate” events appeared and i got a clear answer :heart:

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I petitionned Norma, the Queen of Love…
I had instant results.


If it wasn’t personal, what was the result you wanted?

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“to find the perfect matching guy to me”.