Books on Protection Magick

Books on Protection Magick

  1. Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Self-Protection (Draja Mickaharic)

This book is old school, and heavily influenced by JCI. Features recipes for baths with ammonia. Has some hidden gems, like Feeding the Head. A quick and recommended read, but not my go-to.

  1. Protection and Reversal Magick (Jason Miller)

An excellent manual in magical self-defence, among other things. It is a classic at this point. Heavily influenced by Miller’s work with Hekate and Tibetan Magick; may not be to Western ceremonial practicioners’ tastes. It is full of useful spells, core techniques, and magickal advise. Highly recommended!

  1. Blackthorn’s Protection Magic: A Witch’s Guide to Mental & Physical Self-Defense (Amy Blackthorn)

Amy Blackthorn has been through some shit. This book reflects her experience with a man who stalked, threatened, and attempted to kidnap, rape, and mürder her. It is as much a magical manual as a survival manual, including info on how to escape zip-ties, etc. Definitely recommended reading.

  1. Hex-Twisting: Countermagick Spells for the Irritated Witch (Diana Rachel)

I had reservations about this being fluffy, empty modern witchcraft appealing to would-be edgy wiccans. I’m happy to say I was very wrong! This book has a lot of quality content from a practicioner experienced with goetia, djinn, fae, elementals, etc. I also highly recommend this one. Though, I do think she references material/experiences from The Exorcist’s Handbook (Josephine McCarthy) without citing her. I could be wrong.

  1. The Exorcist’s Handbook (Josephine McCarthy)

Very JCI-influenced and dogmatic, but also full of real experience from a true adapt. I don’t buy into her paradigm, but it is still a rich and wonderful read with a lot to learn from / incorporate into your own practice.

  1. The Witch’s Shield: Protection Magick and Psychic Self-Defense (Christopher Penczak)

Covers a lot of ground; spiritual hygeine, grounding, banishing, binding, uncrossing, charms, symbols, jar / candle / tea / folk magick spells, non-energetic wards, manifold botanical recipes, herbal & stone correspondances, spirits, deities, magick circles, reversal magick, amulets, shielding, angelic healing & cord cutting, etc. Absolutely written for wiccans, but with an awareness of many magickal systems (Eastern and Western). Advocates blessing your attackers to get them to stop cursing you :roll_eyes:

No, Dion Fortune’s classic is not on the list. I haven’t read it and I don’t plan to.

Please feel free to add your own reviews / recommendations below :slight_smile:



I can also recommend Protection Magick by Damon Brand - the “master protection ritual” seems to be an excellent catchall, and even thought it must be repeated for 33(?) days, it’s a relatively short time investment per day but has a good payoff.



McCarthy knows her stuff way better than most people. She is very experienced in visionary magick and understands all the dos and dont’s. For her Quareia you can take what you can use and dismiss the rest, as long as you don’t want to go into the inner landscapes kicking and threatening everything in view (that would end… badly)


I’ve recently gotten her Magical Trilogy; I’m looking forward to digging into it, when the time is right :slight_smile:


I actually like a book by Magus Lyons, that basically uses rituals almost identical to the master protection ritual, but it covers every aspect of life. Protection, resources, wealth, business, finding your life purpose etc.

There’s seven total rituals, only one is aimed at overall protection, but the others add to it- like protecting the things that evil people can use against you from being found out.

I actually worked each ritual properly, I liked the books so much, I did stack rituals and did 2-3 at a time, for the specified duration of each.

The protection ritual is different from Brands, but similar- I used this one anyways, figuring it added to what I’d done with Brands.


Started today :slight_smile:
Visionary magick, is looking hella cool :sunglasses:

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@The_Hermit these books focus on protection, but all of them address cleansing as well. One of them could point you in the right direction, via purification and deep cleansing.



Thanks for this certainly very helpful selection! I’m sure it can be beneficial to many in need. I would also add Damon Brand’s ‘Magickal Protection’, which has helped me personally in the past, even though I resort to different methods now.


That’s two positive reviews for Magickal Protection (Damon Brand) ; I’ll have to give it a read :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Back about thirty years ago, I and two other Chaos Magicians; with whom I used to meet up after work late on Thursday afternoons, developed a Banishing based on the tracing of the pentagrams and elongated English vowel sounds. With practice, plus the intention and power it worked a treat.

So there’s a little project for you, but remember to keep notes in your journal. Just trust me on that.

When I banish my attitude is “Every spiritual entity - You hear me! Get Fucked! Fuck Off! This is My Working Space! You got that? Fuck off!” I don’t mince my words, can’t afford to. I command!

If I’m out-and-about and the need arises, I want to know I’ve got something that works - without incense and wands (I always a carry and knife or two). If you keep at it, because practice makes perfect, and can feel the powershift, then your personal ritual/exercise takes (progressively) less time.


Some good stuff here. I really like the material in Brand’s book, despite some misgivings about the GOM materials and similar. Miller’s book is a classic, but i admit some bias there.
I got a lot out of Althaea Sebastiani’s By Rust of Nail and Prick of Thorn: The Theory & Practice of Effective Home Warding.



I hadn’t heard of these; I will check them out. Thank you!

Same :sweat_smile:
I love his work.

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I really enjoyed the read. For clarity i should have quoted the title-it’s one book.

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I legit thought “Prick of Thorn” was an author, and feel quite silly now :upside_down_face:


With occultists’ pseudonyms you can never be sure :wink: