Binding Questions

Question for the more experienced mages. When you bind a spirit to an object how do you know when it done? What signs or messages, lets you know its done? Or can you see it?

Do you only bind willing spirits, or do you force the spirit?

If you force the spirit, do you use that method everytime or only for certain situations?

How do you convince a spirit to willingly be bound to something? Do you already have a close relationship with said spirit? Or does that not mattter to you?

If its a willing spirit, how long do you generally bind them for, or is it different for different spirits?

If you bind a spirit willingly, do you intend for it to be like a home for the spirit?

I’ve only ever bound two spirits one willingly to a sword and the other was the spirit of a very angry hurricane headed my way. I bound it to another sword, figuring that raw energy could be used well with a sword in battle. The later, was not willing, but I was not willing to lose my home. Since, I think the spirit has come to like the sword. But atlas, it was stolen from me sometime ago.

Ive had many experiences on the other end of the spectrum though, and some I know I was not willing but others maybe I was.

Thanks for your imput as it will help me greatly, with understanding the differences and motives , what not.


With regards to binding them into my corks, I feel them fuse with the cork. They feel anchored and the fused part keeps them attached. Corks are used in this case because they’ll eventually fall apart and release the spirit. It was part of the deal.

Yes. With the corks, it’s sometimes consensual, but the agreement is also to keep some more sinister spirits locked up. I don’t ask why, when they say to keep one locked away. I trust their judgement and when I start the binding process, it’s usually pretty apparent that these are exceptionally malevolent 9/10.

I did have a nice one th other day. I thought it was a fluke, but it wanted to be bound to serve someone looking for a companion. Didn’t struggle at all.

Kinda. With willing spirits, it’s more of an anchor point and a place of safety, rather than a prison.

I use energetic bindings, whether for spirits or standing portals, so the anchoring part is largely the same. Portals need fed and all that to keep open, so there are extra steps for that different task.

I have bound humans (living and dead) to rocks before, but that was for punishment sorts of things. One attoned and was released. The other is still alive and was a teen girl groomer, so he’s not going anywhere. I should outlive him.

Let me know if you have questions.


If the spirit in question is dying or deceased is your approach the same or do you add an extra step for dead folks?


Uh, I’ll assume you’re talking to me. I haven’t needed to use any extra steps because they are dead or heading that way. Usually, if they’re dying, I’m more likely to be helping than binding.

There are some spirits that are weak for whatever reason, but these can be fortified over time, in a similar method to the Unihipili ritual I posted in Pele’s stuff. The spirit is bolstered over time with food and offerings. Now, that could make it more resistant, but you wouldn’t be bolstering a spirit you haven’t already bound or made an agreement with in some manner.

Just because it’s a dead human, doesn’t mean it will necessarily fight harder or better than another spirit of similar density/complexity (or pick some other measurement). In my opinion, anyway.


@norse900 Yeah, I seemed to have not figured out how to properly reply until now. :joy:
Thanks for the additional advice.


I think what Im curious about is there ever a time when the binding of the spirit is meant to be a home for the spirit?


It’s no different than binding it to anything else, technically. Intent is different and that item, the “home” is just an item set aside for that purpose. If you’re not looking for a more permanent anchoring, then a simple binding to energetically link the two should be good enough. It’ the object/space grows over time. That would be a more “natural” way to do it.


What if you could no longer keep the object with the spirit?


If the spirit is there willingly, then you can negotiate/find a suitable new one. I’ll be doing this with a cornish hen I’m developing. Right now, it’s in a box. Once it’s developed, and decides to stay, I’ll find or make a suotable home for its bones.


Have any of you ever used or heard of fish hooks being used in a binding before?

What was the purpose? Why fish hooks over other means? How did you go about it?


Kendal has the Hook of Irkalla ritual for something similar in his necromany book


Do you know what it entails? Its important I find out?


Haven’t looked at it in a while, but it’s a working with Ereshkigal. The hook is where you anchor and suspend your target. I used a fish hook for it, but any will do. I’ve done it before, but it’s been a while.


Well, this chic is using to anchor me to these bones some kinda way. Its hooked through and pulling my skin.


Personally I am interested in spirits that wish to cooperate and therefore do not need binding.

Sometimes I generate a “skill cube” as a gift to help the cooperative entity advance in its unfoldment

A skill cube usually contains a pattern for expanded functionality.

When I am offered a skill cube I test it carefully. It is easy to be fooled.

There are instances where spirits want the binding as well.

Some even ask for it.

Most times for me i actually like the binding I can be present much more easily in the magicians altar area or temple area which gives me a strong advantage and its easier to assist the magician with magick and protect them as well.

Bindings generally are consentual.

I like my little games of playing , why I should or should not be bound to something. But we all know Im a masochist.

I dont like ceratin things though, like not being asked before hand or unnecessary force. And i think there are better ways than hooks unless you are trying to be seriously baneful.


Kurukulla (I think) is a Tibetan entity that specialises in hook binding. Maybe look her up?


Awesome, thank you!

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You should divine on it…tarot, etc.

It’s best not to try n trap a spirit by force, they can often come back for revenge

You should have a mutual relationship with them, I’ll do this for you or give you this if you do this for me.

Again, it’s between you and the spirit I suppose, maybe give it a task for a certain time table

I suppose so, I’ve heard of cases where the spirit or energy stays with an object for a long time. Say for a curse

I have a nature spirit sitting on top of my house. It is there because I invited it and because it finds the place useful.

Sometimes I play analog music particularly for him. He is very fussy about what I play and does not like any digital music as far as I can tell

His primary function is coordinating vertical flows of light

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