Biggest reasons a spirit fails to deliver by Mike B and Kindraathe

Biggest reasons a spirit fails to deliver
By Mike B and Kindraathe

M: Do you ever wonder why the spirits reject some of your requests or fail to deliver after you did everything right? We’re gonna talk about that right here and share some of thoughts and experience on the matter.

I’ll begin. For me the biggest reason I don’t get results is straight up I told the spirit what I wanted it to do but I didn’t have a conversation with him. I was talking, doing all the talking that’s the problem. That’s not communication. Communication is two or more parties hearing and talking with each other not “AT” each other.

@norse900 had to explain this concept to me. Once I saw my mistake and corrected it my success rate subsequently went up.

I’m gonna pass the Mic over to my man @Kindraathe.

K: 1. I’m a firm believer of “All events from Evocation onwards are leading up to my desire”. Now let me elaborate on this.

I ask for legal help from Belial to win a case in court. This is a multi party case. It’s me Vs 2 others Vs the State. I get to the hearing. The judge orders something that is adverse to what i asked for. Do i lose hope and declare the evocation as a failure? Most would.

Experienced magicians know that there’s more. The adverse order will affect me adversely BUT there are other parties involved. Now this riles up the other parties and they join hands with a Foe (which is me). Three parties on one against the state? We win the case in the final hearing.

I get my desired outcome. So did Belial deliver? Damn right, like a Boss.

M: Alright I’ll take the mic for a minute and I’ll talk about what Kindraathe was just talking about…doubt.

When we have doubt about a Magickal working it actually poisons the Spirits best efforts to manifest the changes we wish to see. If you can’t think positively and help your spirit ally, then get the fuck out of his way by refusing to think negative doubtful thoughts.

K: Now here is a point of Failure.

What most people would do when they see adverse actions is, that they would give up and call it a day.

It is this “faith” or whatever you want to call it that gets you through to the last part.
In all the magickal workings I’ve done. I’ve seen this 95% of the times that when my desire is close to coming to fruition something goes “wrong”.

Something that makes you feel, this isn’t happening. And then everything falls into place.

M: Do you doubt before you sit down in a chair if it will hold your weight…no you just sit down and trust it will support you.

That’s the kind of faith and belief you need to have in your Magick.

Thankfully as we grow in magic our many manifestations and successes build our confidence and trust in our magic our spirits and ourselves.

K: Expectations:

Let’s talk a bit about expectations and how things happen.

A lot of newer practitioners expect their desire to be there in a day or few days and magically appear out of thin air.

If your desire is small, then yes it may happen soon enough. Sometimes minutes.

I’ve had Dantalion start work on the target even before my evocation is done. I’ve had targets message me in the middle of Evocation as I’m asking Dantalion for help with the exact same thing.

I’ve had Queen Beleth give me something the next day upon meeting the person and of course many more instances.

However, not every desire comes to pass so quickly.

Most of the times it will happen and then you will think “well that wasn’t so magical”. Then you look back and see the chain of events that led to it. That’s where the magick lies. Its a series of events, negative or positive that leads to your final outcome.

In closing I’ll say. Keep your eyes on the Prize. That’s all that matters.


Nice, guys.

I’d like to add that it doesn’t bother me if I have to do a working twice. If I’m trying to softly work a target, I may do a lot of smaller ones over time. I DO give it time to work and I’m prepared to swt it aside until more is needed.

It’s partly why I do hybrid rituals. I can ask if the timing is right, if another round is needed right now, if another supplemental working would be better, etc… It can help those that have issues letting go leave it in the hands of their entity, too.

I wouldn’t rely on them solely, just as I.wouldn’t rely on just petitions solely. Part of our magical confidence comes from knowing, from experience, that we are the magic and the rest is more of a supplement.

I rambled a bit. If you’d like it cut down or take out, let me know. No worries.


Norse that’s not rambling that’s Gold man!


Really cool to read through! Thanks for the post @DarkGodofQlippa and @Kindraathe.

Loved taking into account that you also have to listen to them, and the chair example! That’s great, and you’re absolutely right about that level of trust. The security of what we’ve asked for coming to fruition is such a big piece of magick. I think it’s something a lot of us learn (or read about) in the beginning and then somewhere along the way we kind of forget it.

For me, the times I’ve had issues also include a spirit just blanket refusing. What I’ve found though, is what they mean is I shouldn’t be asking yet. Maybe in another month, or year, I can come back and ask or they’ll show that they can/did help, but can’t say yes in the moment because I’d be angry when my results just “never” came.


Absolutely @Laurel_Spider timing is EVERYTHING


Be on the lookout for more releases in the near future from @Kindraathe and myself :muscle:


I look forward to it!


Spirit communication tips please! For those of us with hyperactive imaginations…