Beginner's Guide: Offerings

What’s an offering?

A form of payment or gift to thank for a service provided in our behalf by any given spirit.

Is mandatory to do offerings?

Not exactly. If the frame you’re working in say so, do it, otherwise why would you use a frame? In my own personal and subjective opinion, no, is not necessary and I only do it when asked.

What qualifies as an offering?

Everything you can give. Chocolate, a glass of wine, incense. It is believed that some spirits have their likes and dislikes and sometimes that there are direct correlations between them and certain objects, colors and flavors.

What about human offerings?

Human fluids like saliva and semen have been used as offerings. Sometimes drops of blood of the practitioner, which seems to create a strong link between the spirit and the person.

What about sacrifices?

A sacrifice is to give something of value. And it can work. As overwhelming as the word sacrifice can be, is just to give away something. And it doesn’t have to be dramatic. I once sacrificed two quarters (yes, two coins) to Hades, because that was all I had at the moment. And it worked, he opened the gates of wealth for me.

What about human sacrifices?

Those were practiced by ancient civilizations, like the Aztecs and we don’t condone it. We condemn it. Period.