Beginner's guide: Body relaxing tutorial

Relaxing the whole body is needed to enter in a good trance state.

While “the whole body” may intimidate a new practitioner, this is way easier than it sounds. Start by dropping mind, this is, to take distance from normal consciousness. You do this by “seeing” from behind your eyes. To explain it in a practical way, you imagine as if you’re watching from behind yourself, but still through your own eyes. This will create a small disruption in your normal train of thought.

After that, take a deep breath and contract your muscles. Try to do it all at once or area by area (hands first, then feet, etc). Doesn’t matter, once you release your muscles, your body will be relaxed enough.

Keep breathing and proceed with any sort of trance method you’re going to use next.

Trance state, no matter how shallow, is necessary for most forms of magick, so do not skip any of this steps, since they’re the foundation for your whole practice.

And that is all. Yes. That is all.


I think it’s interesting you put dropping mind before the body/physical part. Can you share why?

I do body (not the way you’re explaining though) and mind in the opposite order so I’m curious.


I’ve found no difference in the order… and writing the dropping mind part took more time, so I wanted to be done with that first (yeah, just a matter of practicality while working on the insane amount of content I wrote before going live)


Haha I’m going through them now and thinking wow @ReyCuervo either had a lot of content already or had a super busy few days of writing.

I have a post elsewhere on dropping mind and I debated including more methods but yeah….time.


Honestly, I had nothing written. Once we decided to go in, @Veil and I started to write content. And we did all of this in under a week. Is clear that some good friends in the spirit plane wants us to succeed :slight_smile:


I’ve got a couple friends that are happy to see me socializing with magicians on here.

I’d say it’s pretty clear this forum has been helped along given the relative lack of basically any issues. Also I believe there’s a human tech god behind the curtain too @Nephenthe and others who started up.


Indeed. The mundane of skills of all founders have an amazing synergy with each other. What we can’t do alone to save our lives is a piece of cake as a team.


Tell me about it, it’s almost surreal!


Is this similar to that “blank stare” thingy for activating sigils and scrying?


This practice creates lucidity in your awareness. It can be used in the context given but can also be used in your normal mundane activities. Your ability be become lucid right now in your waking life is a prerequisite for becoming lucid in your dreams and in astral projection.


Oh, I know. I learn that from you, my friend. See? All what you wrote in some other place wasn’t wasted time :slight_smile:

Not exactly. People always say “got into TGS” to do that. I disagree. Specially because TGS is just another altered state of mind that was given a different name unnecessarily.

But you can drop mind as a first step to get into an altered state of mind.


I like to liken this to perfect possession of your own vessel.

You can have lucid dreams and projections without it, but it’s way easier for me now that I understand this one little thing. I’ve had lucid dreaming experiences since childhood, but control of them has come and gone and come and gone again!

I always thought I was trying to get out of my body, but really we should be trying to go so deep into it, that there is no separation of our bodies.

Or some bullshit and wind… :woman_facepalming:

I think I agree with you. Teach them to pay attention to all of their senses instead, to learn what it is to hyper focus on everything rather than one thing and I think they’ll find trance is right there with it, and they’ll learn how to recall the trance state and what happened easier.

I swear we had to learn to this all the hard way, but it’s not as difficult as all that.


Lucidity exists on a spectrum in that you can be more lucid or less lucid. It’s not a binary condition. I have had hyper realistic dreams accompanied by very little lucidity, for example. i find that greater lucidity allows for greater control over the experience.

That’s exactly what it is


This is so true!! It kills me when people try to spend more time getting into TGS than they would ever put toward just shutting their mind up (down) and letting themselves fall into where they want/need to be.

TGS has a time and a place, I agree that it’s valuable. But people usually aren’t able to maintain that through a whole ritual, unless maybe it’s a path working or meditation only ritual (“maybe” because I’m not sure & haven’t collected enough stories to say with any degree of certainty). Dropping mind as a either the ending point (depending how far you “drop”) or a means to an end (which might be TGS) is much more useful in my opinion because it’s an altered state of mind, but not nearly as restrictive or easy to snap out of.