**basic** things - sharing of ideas and experiences with them, put into practice

what i wish to share here, would be concepts and my experiences with my interpretations of them -i am, as of now not intending to share my private tools publically

NOTE: This is part of my process of re-starting from scratch, after experiencing enough trauma to find this necessary. If you dont find this stuff “mind blowing” then i humbly remind you to the title of this thread “basic things”

000.) “border patrol”

goal: to have spirits and magic manifest easier,
but also aligned with the intentions of me and my associates

why? this world feels oppressively, mind and soul numbingly empty
i think its the collective consciousness rotting with atheism and limiting believes while also being corrupted and misshapen through religion. I wish to invite various entities to enter this realm, but under conditions which will ensure that no harm will be done to me or those with me

how? they will be marked and will have to abide to a set of 3-9 basic rules.
In case a rule is broken, they will suffer increasingly heavy energetical taxaction -something the entities will have to agree to before even passign through the gate.
So yes, they enter a contract as they use my gate to pass through.

Even if they leave, a record of them will be kept so they can be recognized if they return.

structure: i thought of a mirror, submerged in water and surrounded by candles -but any mirror or body of water should do. Written sigils should form a frame around said mirror

there should be sigil banners set around the mirror, with functions coverign the whole process and including plenty of redundancies -which will demand greater repetition and therefore, more invested energy, but also maintain function in the case of corruption or destruction


-a pentragram is drawn
-the pertho rune in the center
-candles at the points of the star
-around the star would be rings of written/spoken sigils, fulfilling the above mentioned functions
-grave lights or oil based light sources, to keep the gate open for more than the usual 4-6 hours
that regular candles last for

Idea: the simpler approach could be used out in the wild, while the more elaborate setup would be used in a shed or other enclosed space, protected from the elements


001.) side rant: “why i love and hate sigils”

Sigils are beautiful, sigils are fun, sigils are great sigils are… fucking stupid.
Many methods that are commonly practiced, have a disctinct “indoor” -feeling to them, and im not the first person to get annoyed over this. I recall reading about similar frustrations in the “Pseudonomicon” by Phil Hine, a somewhat well known chaos magician.

All the fancy incense, shipped st8 from the ass of the world.
All the ritual implements which you can not make yourself within a day or so.

But also on the other extreme, the stuff which demands you find a comfy quiet little spot where you can visualize all day without getting disturbed -i dont have that luxury, also all that visualizing has the risk of getting you into “fantasy world” where you are met with all sorts of imagery and sensations yet no results ~(=_= ’ )~

Im trying to get “back to earth” with my practice, but also in a way that looks and feels legit to me.

Example -A wand?
I just grabbed a dead stick in the forest and communicated my intention to the forest,
then i went home and painted one end of it red and white, and wrapped a bit of string around the handle. Done. Its a tool and gets charged by the use of it. Occaisonalyl i might smear a drop of blood on it to give it more oomph at the temporary cost of my vitality.

I like the look of the thing, had it for over a year at this point, but i also know i could effortlessly replace it should i find the reason or desire to do so.

Example -written/spoken sigils?
Look, your sigils are great looking and all, but they are such a fuzz otherwise.
You always need paper or some medium to draw them on (dont get me started on digital shite ) and they are so damn sensitive to the weather :roll_eyes: eugh

How about this instead:
-grab some tree bark or get some chips/little plates of wood
-write your phrases/“words” on there
-put a drop of blood on it
-state its original purpose and recite the constructed phrase for a mala

done, put it in place and keep on doing what you wanted to do

Also: you can memorize a bunch of spoken sigils, sure it takes time to recite them -if you use entire malas like i do, but that could also become a oral tradition which you can pass on, evne in a shtf situation if you have to. You cant necessarily pass on sigils, sicne their mediums get briddle or burned or rot or wet or whatever

It wouldnt hurt making a little mythology -using parts of the constructed phrases as “names” (and the entire phrases would then become ways ot call upon those entities)
-a good myth/story will help you memorize things a lot more successfully and lasting
since we dont tend to remember lists of data, but instead we remember stories.

But of course you already know that -aaaaanyway im getting off topic.

I originally developed “spoken sigils” when i restarted from scratch in 2021, after months of doubts, emptiness and confusion. It was when i made a couple of sigils that i realized just how tedious the whole process was, and how you cant “rapid fire” that shit -along with all the already stated limitations sigils hold. ~~So much unlike the channeled phrases which i used to employ in my cultish days…but since in late 2020 and early 2021, i was filled with so much pain and distrust, i couldnt bring myself to channel, so i had to make my own tools.

And when i made my sigils, i noticed how i took out all the letters to form the basic material for the sigil… i asked myself “what if i took out these letters, and just put random vowels in there”

so i did.
with trial and error i realized this was backwards, and since then i only take out the vowels or in some cases, combination of vowels -or should i say “sounds” since i like to write down what im actually speaking- here a example:

“i destroy my parasites, break them down into clean fuel and devour this substance”
which then becomes (let me dig up my polyedric dice)

(this is just a example, dont get stuck there)


write down the alphabet, then cut out all the vowels (and redundant letters)
then if you want to, ad things like

english: th
the german/hebrew/arabic: ch sound
the mostily universal: sh
the nordic “sk”

get crazy, but remember to keep it within the scope of things you are actually comfortable pronouncing

anyway, once you got all that jazz, put a number next to that pallet you build, and throw the dice
-repeat that until you have some phrase, which you will use either in its entirety or in part


during my practice, i mostly ignore my feelings thoughts and random telepathic bs
-remember, your will and intention is all that matters, just keep on chanting. Thats one of the tihngs i learned during my cultish days, when daily assault was the norm.

should you find yourself blind, deaf and full of doubt
-then simple tools such as sigils, spoken sigils, runes and some humble bit of animism is all you can rely on.

Visualization makes sense if you want ot create something, or if you wish to get to key points within a pathworking.

Since a while, i treat my visual experiences with a bit of casual acceptance or detachment
much like when im channelling.
-i will simply let it happen, will not overthink it.

In most cases, those visual/audio experiences are conversations with guiding entities or merely a window into the chaos of entities around me interacting with one another othe environment or doing sutpid shit or having fun.

Its amazing, dont get me wrong -but it shouldnt distract you from getting shit done.
You can go and eat some astral food made by some freakish void-type alien-looking mf
or hangout with spirits in various realms AFTER you are done with your work.


hi. would you mind making this private?

doesnt seem like a lot of people care for it anyway
-but i would love to be proven wrong

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