Baneful workings against an organization

How do you go about hurting a business giant hurting many people in my country?

The organization has many clients, a huge balance sheet, stellar reputation with its followers who idealize it and its leadership.

Now, I did my magic and it’s bleeding bad but it just won’t die?

Maybe I can physically curse the grounds its headquarters are on?

Maybe add a multilayered curse against its leaders and the CEO and CFO?

Any other ideas will e appreciated…

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A multi-layered approach would definitely be best. Can I ask what you have done already?

Cursing the ground under its headquarters would be a good idea. I would be targeting the people within the business to fight amongst themselves, possibly also to make any of them give in to any negative urges, like stealing or cheating, and also for their crimes to be discovered. Also for them to turn on each other, so if any of them have committed a crime, their coworkers will rat them out. Cause them to make stupid choices like firing their best staff, making paycuts, or making their best workers redundant… things like that.


@Veil I’ve cursed the company name, I’ve cursed its leadership, its products, it’s trademark, I’ve cursed the grounds of many of its field offices, because it’s very hard to get to the main office.

I’ve used visionary and poetic magic because that’s what’s available to me

Sounds like you were thorough. How long ago did you do your last working?
It might just be a matter of waiting it out.

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It’s employees are fighting it’s reputation is slowly eroding, you’re probably right I should just wait it out.

To kill a giant go for his feet that’s exactly what I did the disease needs to reach his head, but it will take a while I guess.


I would definitely recommend waiting a while, a few weeks or months. See what happens and then assess if anything else needs to be done.

But for the sake of this thread I would be interested to know what workings you did, and with which entities, if you’re willing to share. :smiley:


I use what I learned is called visionary magic from ReyCuervo and I also write magical poems and I digitally manipulate images with magical intent: malefic/good.

I don’t really work with entities. I would like to start probably with Orobas because he’s been helping me out.

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Some corporative logos are actually sigils. Spare type. So you should have that in mind while casting. The whole concept is that they won’t go away because they’re taken from the collective unconscious or whatever it is called in English. They were here before us. So in your place I would start there.


With what you’ve already done, I would consider inviting parasites into the company and the grounds, rather than adding more specific names. Companies are usually run (daily) by those regular folk we don’t know about. To cause more mistakes on a daily basis, I would call up an entity you trust and ask them to gather parasites to the grounds, buildings. It’ll spread out the damage to more areas.


Thank you all for your help. Really great ideas. I’ll be right on it.