Azazel's Word

My road with Azazel, has been a long one and one that I hope continues for a very long time.

Azazel, was the very first spirit I worked with on the left hand path. Our meeting each other was by an odd chance. But one that Im glad happened.

You see I was not actively seeking any spirit. I was at the time trying to find balance with the planetary system. So each day I would work with the planet for that day. Ex: monday would be working with the moon.

Naturally, Saturday would roll around and I work with Saturn. And little knowing to me that Azazel and Saturn happen to share a sigil. So, while Im dialing up Saturn, I am also dailing up Azazel.

The first time I saw Azazel, was from working with the planets, and having left the sigil for Saturn on my altar. I woke up during the night to see a dark veiled figure standing in my room looking over me.

I was not sure who this figure was at the time. It was close to the New Year, so maybe a deity associated with that. But the veil very distinct and not a cloak.

So, I began to research. I was set on finding out who had been in my room. And thats when I learned of my dear Azazel.

This is the sigil.


Having realized who was paying me visits, I set to do my first evocation. I can say it went very well.

Azazel, made a request. You see I had lost someone that I loved very much to car accident so years before. And so everyday I would write a letter to him. Telling him about my day, my hopes and dreams, and that I still thought of him and missed him.

Azazel, said maybe one day you will write me letters like that. It seemed a request that I could do. And from that day, I wrote letters to Azazel, as well.

And that was the start of our beautiful relationship.

To be continued.


Now as mine and Azazel’s relationship progressed. We developed a close bond but we also entered into a type of BDSM relationship. Where he was my dominant for good period of time. I have nothing but to say about that time. It gave me a chance to explore and learn yet also have the safety net of my dominant.

During this time Azazel would gradually introduce me to new spirits. The first being the demon Shax. I completely adore Shax. For me he became like an overprotective brother. He generally would hang out and watch over my home.

The next ones Azazel introduced me to were Belial , Abaddon, and Amaymon. And these four guys would end up being most dear and close to me.

(It was also during this time that I was developing my abilities to read circles. )

Azazel, took me to some form of hell with a lake of fire where he would tie me to a cross , flip it upside down and drop in the lake. What he was doing was removing everything that was not healthy or not doing anything except being extra baggage from me. Getting me back to a very raw and pure state.

I formed a very close attachment to Azazel. So close that I could always feel him around me, beside me. I could hear his voice and know he was speaking to me.

We did some work together with Belial, Abaddon and Amaymon. I seemed to always have those four ready to step up and help.

After some time, I ran into some issues with certain magicians. I could see Azazel, anointing the four corners of my property and when I went to what I thought was a friend and more experienced magician about this, I was told their spirits told them to stay out of it.
A few days past and I could Azazel, fading from me. So, I went to a different magician, that I again thought was a friend and that knew more than me. I was told that he commanded Azazel, away from me.
Which of course pissed me off. But I didn’t know what was going on. I knew there were several magicians up to something. I could also see rituals starting in different locations and see things going on. Everything in my life felt turned upside down. I didn’t know what the rituals were for. So, for the time I let things play out.
But I never let go of Azazel. I just hid it very well. No one takes my Azazel, away from me.

Things got more and more crazy. I was being hit from all sides and had no clue who was friend or foe. I was alone and scared.

It felt like everything was coming down to just me and the choices I made would either give love or death. So I reached out to all the goddesses through this song, I thought if anyone could understand it would be the great mothers.
I played this song inside my circle waiting for help.

I would have been happy with just willing to help, be they all seemed to want to help.

I lived in a very old house the kind that you still have buy fuses for the breaker box, not the ones with the flip switches.

As I’m in my circle , crying and trying to fight off everything has descended upon me, I play that song and slam my hand onto the floor. An electric shield formed all around me. A blue shield of electricity. Which at the moment I did that , two of the fuses in my house blew.

I had strong visions after that of a dove. A doves blood that could heal people.

All of this happened leading to and a few days after my birthday with falls on Walpurgis Night.

Things finally begin to settle down and I make it no secret that Azazel never left me. I decide who rides with me. And I will not be bullied by a magician who thinks he knows better.

At the start of my trial this was mine and Azazels song …

By the end we had two songs and this is the other.

Right after that Azazel, was no longer my dominant. That part of my journey was over. I was learning to be more than that, I was coming into my power and growing my wings.

But Azazel swore that he would always be there for me. And to this day he has kept his word.


Once I was able to start moving past trama, Azazel, has still kept his word. He has warned of tornados more than once.

Anytime, I go into in battle he by my side.

When I was deathly sick with covid he was first to show standing by my bedside. Then, along with Belial, Abaddon and Amaymon the used color therapy and lights to help heal me.

When Azazel, says he will be there for you, he means he will be there for you. :black_heart:

Me thinking I’m about to fight these battles alone but Azazel, Abaddon, Amaymon and Belial have other plans. :point_down: