Astral Projection and other things

New Journal who dis?

Hi guys I’m ekettera or as I now go by Onixea. It’s my magickal name, which I came up with using numerology and a “Fantasy name generator”. Honestly I got one because the idea of having a “magickal name” sounded cool but it seems to have stuck seeing as that is what spirits call me now, and from what I read it seems that’s what it’s for anyway.

New Focus

For some people the holy grail is evocation of spirits, for me it’s Out of body experience.

Got a new book

Seems legit, even if the covers from Mr. Kreiter’s are a bit…interesting. :sweat_smile: But you know how the old saying goes.

I’ll be journaling my experiments with the techniques in the book. Started this journal as a way to keep myself accountable. I crave OOBE or as some others call it “Soul Travel”. I’ll keep my magick grounded in reality as I have a desire to build a business or two within the next few years and build MSIs(multiple sources of income) I’m thinking for that goal I’ll work through wealth magick by Damon brand.

For now my head is in the clouds with my main focus on learning Kreiter’s techniques on OOBE.


I definitely recommend The Phase by M. Raduga as reading material :slight_smile: even just reading the book can trigger spontaneous OOBEs. I consider it the holy grail of OOBE/AP/LD primers. :sparkles:

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Status Report

In Kreiter’s book he seems to share the same Gnosis I’ve come to understand about the astral and spirit world. It can only be accessed by going within, meaning that it can only be accessed by mental processes.

In the book I’m reading the first lesson is moving consciousness by changing the “awareness Dial”, essentially our minds can go wherever we please, we are not bound by our physical bodies, we never were!

In the book our awareness of our physical bodies in the physical world is called the “home station”. Which we barely spend time in anyway,

To quote the book,

The subjective experience then, can be said to be a type of daydreaming; you are essentially focusing inward to a great degree. The subjective experience can be far more than just daydreaming though because there is the potential to go very deep into the psyche. So deep, in fact, that it could be said that once you get to a certain depth, you are no longer in this world. You can quite literally travel inward (which, as you now know, is not really inward at all but vibrationally or trans-dimensionally) into a completely different and quite separate alien world.

As for more immersive journeys, the idea is to wander away from the “Home station” to the point that you lose awareness of the physical world and that you induce a Lucid Dreaming state.

To quote Kreiter again,

Internal sensations become more and more real to the traveling consciousness the deeper it goes into the subjective realm. The deepening process is of course a larger and larger turn of the dial away from the Home Station and it signifies that the brain waves are becoming slower and slower, and that you are going deeper and deeper into a trance-like state.

A short Journey

Using this knowledge I went to the lower world and met my power animal. A fox who called himself Frank, I’ve been told not to overthink it so I didn’t. It was in a forest and I didn’t stay long, it was just a meet and greet.

Sometime tomorrow I’m going to try this exercise and see how deep I can really go.

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Dark night of the soul

I spent the night in the hospital. I made the mistake of asking King Paimon to take me through inner darkness without taking the time to really think out what that might mean, proceeded to have a mental breakdown regarding my delusional relationship with my mother.

Fun Times

This must be the thing that those who knew more than me called Shadow Work, and it is absolutely terrifying.

I see my inner child clearly for the first time and she is in great pain.

I’ve dabbled in this subconscious pain bullshit but in the past few months ever since my kitty died I’ve been plunged into it.

On the plus side it has given me the courage to meet a spirit that terrified me. Ever since my spiritual development started really picking up speed I have begun to see that other side more clearly and realized there are spirits out there that are not to be fucked with, not because they will hurt you and are evil and OOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

It’s because Belial will teach you.

As a child and as a teen I think I was sheltered and kept safe at the cost of allowing me to grow up.

Belial feels to me like the kind of teacher I need. He owes me nothing, he’s made that very clear. We’ve talked a few but I don’t have the courage to undergo his mentorship quite yet.

To be continued


Once, I asked Amaymon to show me the darkness I had within myself. When he asked if I was sure, multiple times, I said yes every time. Not a week later, I understood all too well why he’d asked so many times.

To know what we’re asking for an how it will come…it’s a challenge sometimes and all we can do is walk through.


I think we’re unfortunately done with taking care of mom. Me and my bro have been taking care of her for years, and starting this year she has gotten so much worse to the point that it’s killing my brother with the constant 'round the clock care she needs. We’re probably going to put her in a nursing home.

Still impressed with how well Mike’s reading was for how chaotic my life is right now.