Art & Ritual

I have a simple question: does art have a place (any place at all) in your practice?

I’m a firm believer that some songs connect with certain spirits (or some pieces of art, any art). For example, Madonna’s “Ray of light” for some reason resonates quite closely with Hermes. The association of speed and light seems obvious… but no song by Malmsteen connects with Hermes at all, as far as I know and that should be a closer match since, well, Malmsteen is fast.

Borges’ “The mythical founding of Buenos Aires” connects, by visionary means, with an intelligence that seems to hold some deep influence on the city itself.

And let’s not start with Juan of the Cross’ La noche oscura del alma. No, seriously, don’t ask. Not. A. Word.

Meanwhile, Blake’s poetry connects, at least partially, on what I call the inner landscapes. Cool note for those who don’t know: a few years ago we did a small experiment with @Veil as test subject. I managed to achieve remote vision for a few seconds and was able to actually see where she was and what she was doing.

So, do you use art in your magick? If yes, what are your experiences?


An extremely big part, I use art magick a lot. I don’t work with sigils, but as you mentioned music does play a part and sometimes I make charged drawings to manifest! and vision boards as well :purple_heart:


Absolutely!! I use music all the time!

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