Art-Environment Greening Spell 🌿 🎨

Art-Environment Greening Spell

"While this spell works best in a public space, some cities are friendlier to open occultism than others, so you can also perform this spell in your own home. Just make sure you do your follow-up
at the end, as you will need to deliver remixed waters to places where the energy needs to spread. You likely will need to repeat this spell a few times until you begin seeing and sensing the re-balancing of city energies.

~Diana Rajchel

:point_right: This is Diana Rajchel’s spell, and much of it is her exact wording. If you like it, please consider purchasing her book (reference at end).


• Dirt from the largest park in the city
• Dirt from the largest art museum in the city
• Dirt from near any especially well-done graffiti art
• Dirt from an area of the city that is either art poor or greenery poor—or both
• A glass of water from a municipal water supply
• Two empty containers with lids

:raised_back_of_hand: You may be tempted to add salt, the chemical of equilibrium, to this spell. Do not do it. Salt purifies by killing. It’s good for washing off energetic and physical parasites, but not for trying to stimulate growth in any area.

Step One: Set-Up

Set the glass of water in the center of your working altar or table. Flank it with the two resealable containers. Have one dish for each dirt. If possible, have some incense burning for the deities—
Aphrodite and Venus both respond well to rose or jasmine—or float flowers in a bowl of water.

Step Two: Invocation

Enter your sacred state of consciousness and declare your space sacred in whatever way suits you best. You will likely have your own words of invocation for how your city speaks to you; the
following is simply a suggestion to get you started. Incant:

Aphrodite and Venus, Venus and Aphrodite
Goddesses of love and grace,
Goddesses of beautiful space
I call upon you to bless and re-balance the
green and the art of (name of your city.)
Bring together the love of nature
with the love of all creation
and let these pleasures mingle, spread and grow!

Step Three: Alchemy I

Drop the soil from the arts space in the water, along with the soil from the green space. Mix them together in the glass of municipal water and incant:

“Blend and brighten, soil enlighten, and now in these spaces let your energy enlighten!”

Step Four: Alchemy II

Hold them in your hands and state your purpose again:

“Let the energies of creation and creativity mix and balance, that (name your city) has a balance of
both, that creatives may live here amidst the green.”

Pour half the water in each of the sealable containers. Close the circle.

Step Five: Disposal

As soon as possible after—preferably during a full moon or on a Friday during the waxing moon—pour half the water in the arts-poor area and half the water in the green-poor area, repeating your purpose of re-balancing both.


Ref: Urban Magick (Diana Rajchel)


I am so trying this next week when exams finish! I feel lucky to be in NYC

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You might like her book; it’s got tons of stuff for “city witchcraft” :city_sunset::sparkles:

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