Ari's Adventures in Time and Space

Just have to adapt to a new game that’s all.

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Do you wanna play The Game ?

I al ready finished the game many times by using my stabilization modus but they refuse to stop they made a big mistake you should leave this madness before there is no way back

The line between tech and magic is very thin line

This is my personal journal, you’re in my lane.

This will be the only announcement.

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Ohh i am scared you should apologize

You should apologize, you’re in my journal insulting me.

@Thechairman070 people are allowed to say whatever they want in their personal journals, as long as it is within the rules.

If you don’t like, that’s fine, but we don’t encourage negative feedback in journals. This is not a referendum, nor a working thread, is a journal.

I invite you to participate, constructively, in other threads.

@Arianna feel free to tell me if you want me to clean up this last few posts. It is up to you.

ETA: Thank you to all the many people who flagged.

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That was a weak circle.

All dressed up for elegant night


I do not know the men in that one picture they just happened to be there when I took the picture of our ship.

We went to Bimini in the Bahamas this time. Had this trip booked for a year. It was so relaxing and fun. We did get off the ship :ship: for a little bit.

I think Nassau that we went to last December was maybe prettier but this place was awesome, with a beach right by where our ship docked.

For our dive in movie we watched the Little Mermaid, I thought that was appropriate :heart:

I spent most of one day in the whirlpool , hot tub thing, it was amazing :star_struck:

We saw Santa :santa: and the Grinch.

The trip this year was more about relaxing and decompressing. Last year seemed to be more about what all we could do.

We spent time in the pool too. And I wanted to do the slide but Becky didn’t want to , and for some reason I need a buddy for that stuff :rofl::sob:We watched a very old movie of Scrooge , while waiting for time to go to dinner. It was in black and white, but cracked us up. It was cute and funny.

We watched a show in the theatre :performing_arts:

And listed to some Violinists :violin: play the devil went down to Georgia.

We dressed up for Elegant night for dinner in the Silver Olympian Dinning Hall.

I drank a little rum and punch