App for planetary times

I have been using Planetary Times app lately and I recommend it:


This was the only way i could figure out how to share it.


Hmm I’ll have to see if apple’s got a version of it cuz usually googled apps are set up for android o/s.

Good share though cuz some here probably are on android and can use that link to get what you’re using

I think it’d be a safe bet to say you’re 1 of them (on android phones) :wink:

Add: hmm I think we need Sherlock Holmes i seem to have stumbled on to the case of the vanishing post :person_shrugging: must be cuz it has a link.

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Personally, I never let planetary times or positions get in the way of great Magick. I’m a Magician - Fuck the universe! Decades ago - in that dark time prior to the internet - I used to spend time trying to convert northern hemisphere times into southern hemisphere times. Northern hemisphere times were all that was available in books. Most of the time, by the time I thought I’d worked it out, the appropriate time had passed or in Australia it was day when it should have been night and I couldn’t be bothered getting up at some horrid, specified, early morning hour.

I tend to watch the Moon because it’s so close, but not much else.


That’s what I use too @Arianna

I hear what @UncleAl is saying though about being the boss.

Here’s the thing. Aligning my rites with the heavenly bodies adds power to rites. I’ll be honest I’m not so powerful yet that I can afford to leave power sitting on the table unused. That’s just me. I want ALL my power.

Now if there’s a situation time sensitive then I don’t give a fuck about the planets I’m gonna flex regardless.

Just my two cents.

@Dankquanicus any thoughts.


If I want to work magick I will do it whenever, where ever, however.

But I find I like to work with planetary magick and times. And since it’s my magick I will do it as I please.

I don’t need or any tool. But if I want to use it it’s my business.


I agree with you about it adds power and I just operate when I need to operate. I’ve had the pleasant coincidence that every major working I’ve done since roughly March has been on a full moon, but it’s plain and simple been coincidence!

I can’t deny it seems like full moon rites come fast and hard and it does seem to boost anything I am doing. The moon is a powerful addition.

But I get results Monday-Sunday all day long. The things I have ended up doing on the full moon have been bigger works, often more important stuff, so it does make sense the results could be expected to be more dramatic, since it was more dramatic work without factoring the moon in at all.

Which is probably the real question and the only way to study it. What result might I have gotten normally compared to a full moon rite for the same thing?

Usually, I don’t do the same thing over and over and over again, I go for a need and then I move on, sometimes I don’t need magic for days others I use it every single day, but rarely for the same purpose over and over, I’m looking to not have to do the magic work, to get the result- my goals are long term. I know that theoretically you’ll always need to improve something, but I don’t do let’s get stuck and repeat this lesson 80 times. I use servitors too, so it’s not like I go and ask for $100 every Friday, and can then judge the full moon Fridays and see that I got $120 on those days, so it must boost my work…

So basically, I agree with you, but I’ve not studied it in depth enough in my own work to know for certain because it’s just naturally been more involved magic on the full moons I have worked.


Heck yea! I like it. It makes so much easier to check the times.


I also use this app @Arianna, and can confirm from other findings that it is accurate.

It’s a very popular attitude to say “screw the heavens! I am the supreme, I am the almighty, the entire cosmos bows to me!”, and this is a product of the way we are living in modern times and the attitude that is dominant in modern times. People see themselves as very independant, almost as if they relied only on themselves instead of being part of one large web of interaction, without which they cannot exist.

The unconcious assumption is that they are fully self-sufficient, independant from everything, and for the magicians today, that they have supreme power over all they wish to affect (because doubt is feared).

I don’t mean to say that they are simply wrong, or that I have the truth.

I personally do time my rituals to the Heavens. The result of all rituals can be seen by the state of the Heavens at the time the ritual was initiated, as can the outcome of any action or event, from cutting your hair, to starting a business, to becoming married (and, of course, being born).

I can not overcome the Ocean if I were to clash against it. I can only abide by it. Is the subtle powers that have generated the Oceans, and generated the entire world not far greater?

Every day and night, all the Stars look down upon us. We can not flee from their sight, or flee from their power, if the Sun makes all things on this world possible to begin with. We cannot run away from them in this world, no matter if we tried to.

Now, I don’t believe all things are fated. However, those things that are not fated are exceedingly rare. It is seen that the Stars and Planets have power over our emotions, which are seated in our Spirit. How often do we act outside of our emotions and our passions? Often times this is what raises us to action (and reaction).

The Planetary Hours are only one part of this, however, and the state of the entire heavens must be considered.

Now, I do time my rituals to the Heavens, but not necessarily my prayers to the Gods.


You explained that beautifully. :sparkling_heart:

I’ve used it off and on for a long time. I like it.

I enjoy working with planets and their days and times. I like getting my work prepared and planned. I won’t freak out if can’t do it that way. But if it’s something I have been planning why not go all out for it?

Today I did spontaneous work that I didn’t time a certain way, but yesterday I did.


Yeah he did


I have a suggestion. Observe how people and animals act during the different Planetary Hours. How do they act during the Hour of Mars, and the Hour of Venus, and so on.


Well, I used to work in the medical field and I can tell you it’s true what they say about a full moon. The craziest things happen in an ER.

Luna, lunatic there’s a reason.


That is an interesting exercise though, I will try it out!


Can you explain to us how you do this?

I find it an interesting topic for sure. I’ve played the nasa app and tried timing things to solar storms and I’ve also seen it seems to have a positive effect, but for those of us not as well versed with astrology, is there a way to do this that’s easy for us to use?

Like the planetary hours thing, is there a method of calculating the timing of the heavens as you call it?


I’ve timed mantra’s to do during a certain hour.

Haven’t in good while. But I used to do that often.


Very interesting idea timing ritual to solar storms!

For this, I’m afraid you would need to be able to use astrological software or sites such as to find an election, and to be able to find full elections you would need to understand electional astrology, which is complex and most of the time you would need a teacher to get into full electional astrology (or any branch of traditional astrology). There are quite a few online who do teach traditional astrology nowadays.

When I pray to the Gods and I do time it, I tend to time it simply by the Planetary Hours and Planetary Days. When I create an astrological talisman, I time this by a full election, the rules of which depends on the celestial factor I am calling on. When I do a reconsecration of a talisman, I am more relaxed in my electional rules but the rules I use also depend on the celestial factor.

In general magickal practice, simply timing things by the Hour and the position of the Moon can be wonderfully beneficial. Here I gave electional rules from the Keys of Solomon that are easy to follow:

The Planetary Hours are easy to find and it is also easy to look when the Moon is in a certain sign and such.

I understand it can be frustrating when it is confusing, and not much resources make it so clear. I think it is simply difficult to explain things as a person would need to understand how to use astrological software and an understanding of astrology as the basis with things such as Dignity, Houses, and various traditional terms. This can make it rather tough to explain it, and that is also expressed by various modern astrologers also misinterpreting traditional techniques or literature, such as modern astrologers assuming that the Planets rule the Fixed Stars or that the Houses have a Sign Rulership (Such as the 1st House ruling or being ruled by Aries and so on), or the general confusion over what Reception is among modern astrologers.


Actually came from Baal Kadmon, I don’t remember which book he suggested it in, but it was one of his books on mantras.

I found it fun to try to do rituals during storms- but you sometimes go days without much solar activity.

No it’s okay, I sorta assumed you need the foundation to build a personalized approach upon, as it would be pretty personal still timing it with the heavens.

I just thought I’d ask in case I was missing the boat on something we could all figure out simply.


I was always told to cut my hair with the growing of the moon. Do you find that accurate or do you use a different method?


I work with entities that are outside this solar system.

I see a separation between physical objects and the spiritual importance that others have given them. If they seemed to matter in my workings, I’d use them. But, to date, none of them have changed anything or made any significant improvement in effects that I didn’t already know were going to happen because it was what my intent was. :person_shrugging:

But if you believe they matter, they absolutely will. I am convinced of that.


Who knew my little app link would spur such an interesting conversation? :upside_down_face::thinking: