All about Crystals

Let’s talk about crystals! Here I will list a crystal and provide useful information on that crystal to help anyone looking to work with crystals.

Crystals have many uses. Storing energy, healing , shielding, charging, storing information and so on.

And we will get into it all right here in all about crystals.


Amethyst – Used since 25,000 bc

Amethystos is Greek for sober. And Greeks would keep amethyst especially at parties to keep them from drinking too much. Or to help them be sober.

Planetary - Jupiter , Moon

Elemental - Air , Water

Deities - Aros, Artemis, Baechus, Buddha ,
Cupid, Diana, Dionysus
Set from my UPG

Energy/Chakra - Crown , third eye

Magickal Properties - psychic ability boost, deeper meditation, healing, spiritual protection, inner strength, clarity, relieves stress, relax, attracts positive energy, rids body of negative emotions, attracts abundance in business.
Balance, soberiety, wisdom, mental clarity, memory.

Gender - feminine

Sign - aquarius, pisces

Hardness - 7

Hexagonal Crystal System

The amethyst can create a bubble of spiritual light around ones body, giving protection.

Personal experience with amethyst , a bracelet of amethyst was gifted to me from the Egyptian God Set. It was a sacred object.

Amethyst seems to calm me and the color has a soothing feel.

Generally found in shades of violet, or purple.


Nice. Keep going please. Got anything on Emerald, tigers eye, jade or cats eye?
Emeralds not my birthstone nor are the others I just like them especially Emerald.


Yes I will be covering those too. Stay tuned.


You can count on that :smiley: :+1:


Sweet! :candy:


Emerald is my birthstone! I love it. But I love them all!


Mines garnet. Anyhow I’ll be watching and reading them all. I’m curious about this… will pearls be included? They aren’t stones but some birthstone lists list them as birthstones. Add: Pearls my favorite bio jewel. You can keep your coral thanks I’ll take the pearls :wink:

Add: by bio jewel I mean ‘biologically produced jewel’ after all technically nacre is a biological product (but whether it’s oyster snot or oyster spit the verdict is still out on).



Hardness - 7.5 to 8

Planetary - Venus

Vedic planetary / mercury - intelligence

Deities - Aphrodite, Venus

Sign - Taurus

Birthstone of Taurus

Energy/Chakra - heart

Magickal Properties -

Increase psychic sensitivity , and clairvoyance, helps magicians see vision, protects against unwanted spells or enchantments, use to shield from malevolent spirits and conjurations of others, life affirming stone, opens heart chakra, calms emotions, promotes friendship, peace, harmony, domestic bliss, enables wearer to give and receive unconditional love, promotes honesty, loyalty. Good for business transactions and partnerships, helps overcome misfortune, helps with claustrophobia and rage.
Brings subconscious thought to the forefront, promotes self awareness, stone of eternal love.

You can hold an Emerald to be brought back into harmony.

It would be good to use emerald in workings that will boost business dealings and the like.

Good for love spells as it promotes unconditional love, and domestic bliss , as well as opens the heart chakra.

Beneficial for prophecy.


I will be sure to add pearl :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s an old occultist’s tale that Emerald is on earth because it fell off Lucifer’s crown when he fell to earth. No way to prove or disprove it it’s just an intersting add to the lore about emeralds.


Tigers Eye

Planetary - sun, mars

Elemental - fire

Deities - Sekhmet, Freya, Bastet

Energy/chakra - solar plexus, root

Hexagonal Crystal System

Transparency - Opaque

Mineral Class - Chalcedony

Magickal Properties -

Strength, intelligence , courage , ambition, power. Provides insight, balanced the soul
Helps grounding and staying focused.

Tigers eye has a pain relieving effect.
Excellent in bringing harmony to families and relationships.

Increases will power, emotional stability, helps release feelings of jealousy , Helps master emotions, improves physical energy, increases wealth and abundance

Offers protection, enhances love in relationships, manifests goals , personal growth. Stimulate psychic gifts, good for anxiety, stress, depression. Ward off evil eye

Roman Soldiers used tigers eye , believed to be all - seeing eye, crucial for battlefront , believed like the tiger to have and bestow courage and integrity. Protection, victory during war.

This stone is good for almost anything. I carry a small one for luck and prosperity.

Its uses are so many. Use if there is strife in the home to bring harmony back.

Use when you need courage and strength. Victory over something.


Maybe it fell out of Lucifer’s crown when she fell to earth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is the Taurus birthstone, which is planetary Venus which as the morning star, Venus - Lucifer … emerald.


Its mine too! :taurus:


:metal: it’s the best!


Agate -. Specifically flower agate

Elemental -. Earth

Crystal System - Chalcedony, trigonal

Energy/ Chakra - heart and Root

Signs - Taurus and Scorpio

Magickal Properties -

Ignites passion, emotional support, self growth, motivation, tranquility, balance

Flower agate protects us from fears and self-doubt

It can also help us reach out highest potential

Personal experience: I have this as one of my crystal skulls. It feels very feminine and gentle.
Tranquil and strong.

I used in a ritual with all of my skulls but individual use so far is limited.



Planetary: Moon

Elemental : water , air

Sign : Sagittarius

Vibration Number : 4

Energy/Chakras : throat, third eye

Magickal Properties: Ensight, mental enhancement, unlocks deep intuition , aids communication, reduced panic attacks

Strong stone for 3rd eye and throat chakra work.
Stimulates clairvoyant abilities, or strengthens them
Aids truth
Helps with public speaking
Stimulates psychic visions
Helps you to understand astrology and tarot
Calms emotions
Builds self - esteem


Is flower agate different then snowflake agate or just a synonym for the same thing?



Energy/chakra - root

Magickal Properities:

Removes negative people or bad luck from you life.

Its a Neutralizer - equally balancing the left and right side of your body , a stone to feel more balance in your masculine and feminine energies.

Can be used in elixirs and potions for healing
Cleans and cleanses impurities

It is a good amplifier in magick and meditations and in boosting the power of electromagnetic feilds.

Shungite can act as a conductor of your energy and it can drive it more strongly towards your desired outcome. It can ground your energy and keep it more focused on your goal. Keeps your energy from “going astray”.

Purification, grounding, healing, protection.


I believe they are the same.