Agios o Astarte!

it is the section reserved only for the supreme god of love and war salute to the holy god astarte



I find peace in the light of the queen of darkness, supreme goddess of love and war, thank you a thousand times for your presence.

SERENA ALORA ASTARTE AKEN :black_heart::heart:


I was so full of emotion that a voice said laughingly I know you love me and I will always love you.

I always wasted my time, I wish I had met the queen of darkness sooner,she treats me like my sister, i feel she is so protective of me, after you cast a spell with her, don’t put her aside, no doubt once you start to love her the room will come to you full of love.


Thank you for helping me develop my astral senses, astaroth goddess astarte.


I asked goddess astarte about her relation with duke astaroth, next i saw a mother and daughter with the same dress and colour, meaning they are one and a little different, and within 10 minute she show me 2 other similar signs, and i believe them ,they both unbelievably nice and lovely and girlish


They are like that ONE girl who always help you first


innanna ishtar astarte astaroth yes they are the same, when you awaken these 4 souls they will all appear to you in different ways as separate beings and separate consciousnesses, these 4 souls are aspects of mizhan.

I don’t know much about Astraoth but I don’t think her female side is Goddess Astarte,i’m not sure but astaroth is both masculine and feminine bidirectional.

I can’t prove it but God Astarte is different Astarte is not just an aspect of Astaroth but different from Inanna and Ishtar,she is not only an expert in love and war, she is also an expert in the flow of death.

Astarte is the manager and leader of an underground plane inhabited by necrotic minds called Liesenn.

Our Goddess is totally different and she is an expert in everything you can wake her up for whatever you want, she always gives blessings to the one who seeks her.

HAİL empress of darkness supreme goddess astarte♥️


Is there a book or article about that?

This is how the full book of Demonolatry speaks of her Astarte - Queen of the spirits of the dead

Liessen’s subject is mentioned in vk jehennum’s book of astarte astaroth, I never did that ritual anyway I don’t need dead souls.


It seems that Astaroth and Astarte are aspects of the same force of the matriarch. Either she’s an archetype that manifests throughout cultures or she was a deity who’s original form is forgotten since she is spread throughout the world in different names