Æon's Journal

I love your explanation! It matches quite well my current view of the nature of Demons.


Quick update
Antibiotics are working a charm
I’m up and moving out of bed again.
Still weak but healings only a matter of time.

I’m doing daily morning rituals to keep me present and stop intrusive thoughts or anxiety of what work I’m missing out of.

I’ve modified it a little but its
Basically just EAs living God rite:


Ill repeat this till I set my intention for the day and I’ll shout it sometimes untill I’m totally present in the moment.


Alright back up and Running. Giving great thanks to Lilith for helping me through this Transition…

I’ve suffered a lot fighting this infection but now that it’s gone and dealt with
I’ve found the blessing in it is I’ve separated myself from all the things I was attached to in the mean time giving me procrastination issues…

Now I’ve got a truly enjoy neutral energy cleaner and can fill my time with things that serve me.

Almost as if synchronicity I made it into the University I’ve been applying to and Got a job at the hospital now as well. I’m truly receiving Lilith’s blessings for hanging in there and taking responsibility and have nothing but praise!!!

Gonna start my ritual work back up again tonight​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m sure y’all have missed me :rabbit::rabbit2::hole::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Congrats, man! If that isn’t progressive, I don’t know what is!

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Thnxxxx, sorry about the horrible Grammer. Trying to type these with my phones sliding txt is not always the best :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Taking a compressed micro lab and virology over the next 2 weeks. each course is a week long!!! mid terms are on wednesdays but Lilith says im capable of it and Belial says I just need to pull the capability out of myself xD. Naamah suggests I work with Legion in the Microbiology world as he/they are well versed in bacteria, virology and parasitology…

sadly the only references for Legion I have are biblical. If anyone has ever worked with this spirit/spirits before and has any experience theyd like to share I always have an open ear!!!


I have met several Legion-named groups. I will PM when I get home later.


Hi all just checking in… I’m still around and practicing… But my infernal empire is now incorporating a large amount of school that keeps taking up my time!!!

Gonna share some photos from my latest workings with Lilith and Legion. However Belial, Naamah and Girtablulu are still in and out as they please :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Lovely photos! I recognize that Eye

And hers sum morrr :grin:

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Love the photos

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Ohhh yes although he says he’s had his eye on me for quite some time.

Mesopotamian Scorpion Centaur in Service to the Sun God now.

I may be delving into some Sun magick for a change.

But Legions are Full of Surprises and I’m having a lot thrown at me at one time but my job right now is to be a sponge and just absorb :rofl:


Random thoughts. To disappear entirely and teleport into the Spirit world is to think a thought so original you cease to exist in this reality.

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So legion has been hard at work with Lilith in trying to get me to peel away from attachment. Attachment to outcomes, people, hate, anger and everything that propels me. I feel powerless at first but then more powerful than anything before.
Legion is showing me that the only thing more powerful than someone with everything to loose and all that motivation to keep it
Is someone with nothing to loose and nothing to use against them.

After practicing none attachments for a hot minute I was finally able to get back into my Astral kingdom and temple.

I was finally able to control my dreams again…

I can be my own world and self aware control of my dreams and build my own kingdoms in them with the wave of my hand.

And then my future Ascended self (Aeon) always cuts the dream short as a blinding light cuts through my fantasies and welcomes me home.

Aeons literally like the version of me that’s completely healed and able to open up again.

My shadow and anger hold me back and always try to Instill worries and fear, but if I could just learn to let go, I could become Aeon.
See the world In vibrations.
Not suffer anymore.
Letgo of my hate…

Why is it so hard to heal!!!

And so easy to hate and suffer?!?

Do these things serve me anymore?!?

More questions than answers.

And I don’t even know if I identify as Male or Female anymore. But I just AM. I just exist

Divisions attachments and polarization feels toxic to me at this moment and I honestly don’t know.

As found as I am I feel lost.

Is this a trick from the Demiurge??? What do u guys think???

Healing seems to good to be true and I don’t know if I trust it.


Update on the infernal empire. I know I take awhile between posts but I’ve basically just been hard at work applying magick to real life circumstances and spending less time online and more time with practical magick.

I’ve invested a lot in things that produces passive income and it’s growing substantially. Just a few grand and I’m debt free!!!

Soon I will start surplusing and applying my extra money to making more of it once I’m free of financial chains…

This long battle is almost won but I’ve got till about January February

Belial willing I’ll grind it out and then ooooo!!!
I get tingles thinking of having extra money each week not going to debt.

I feel my dark night of the soul is defeated. I’m on the winning streak and heading to healing, security and no longer under the foot of all these oppressive monopolies on today’s society.

Get ready for some pretty cool things to happen.

Hail Belial hail the infernal empire, and may we do great things together. :metal:


Random thoughts. Protect you kingdom.

More specifically protect yourself from identity theft.

Now when I speak of identity theft, I don’t mean your assets, social security or credit cards. No no. What I’m referring to are other people’s thoughts, needs, demands, or vampiric actions taken against you as they try to use you, unaligned you with your goals, or place you in a box due to their needs, or their insecurities.

For example. Your strongest magic is what you identify as, this controls what you manifest and is utmost important when pursuing goals.

I’m currently attempting to become a parasitologist. And After 5 years of carrying a rifle for this country as an 0311 rifleman and recapture tactics team operator, I don’t owe this country a damn thing.

Using my GI and VRE benefits I am attending school however before I move from the VRE to the gi bill I must hold certain hours in a work environment pertaining to my field of study.

Key word is it’s supposed to be MY FIELD OF STUDY.

This started off well. I attempted to get into a lab of study for research at UF or an insect farm.

This is very hard however being as competitive as it is and no slots being available led my vre supervisor to look elsewhere as well.

My supervisor then recommended I try the local VA hospital. This was fine and dandy until I found the job title open to G’s positions was patient advocacy ( not a lab)

I figured hey why not. Atleast it would get me a pay check through the vre and Id be helpful to people who were experiencing issues.

(The mistake here is that it is not in alignment with my end goal, and I settled)


the VRE program is a government program and the payments aren’t always on time. Which is fine and dandy because I have a savings. But the point is now I’m expected to uphold a job I have yet to be paid for the last 3 months, (basically volunteering for free at this point due to the delay)

and now it’s being held more sacrosanct. (Not by me VRE supervisor but the supervisors there at the hospital)

I know the supervisors duty is to make sure their employees work over /regardless of what they have in their daily lives. (I get it)

But miss class??..

Now a conflict of interest has appeared and I’m expected to attend work over school.

I informed the manager that I don’t report to her I report to my vre supervisor and I’m here because I am attending school.

I identify as a parasitologist, not a patient advocate and this world will take advantage of anything they can get out of you, whether it’s in alignment with why your there, your goals or not…

I then informed her School comes first, and as far as I’m concerned, this is volunteer due to the fact the VRE hasn’t paid me yet.

After this I suggested she work on her OWN employees and kindly informed her I was leaving for the day to attend class.

You see, they want me to give up my energy for their goals and ambitions however I’m not there for that I’m there for mine.

If something doesn’t serve you, takes your kindness for weakness or attempts to put you in a box for whatever they want you to be, kindly remind them who you are, and never settle for anything less then what you are supposed to be (as in what you decide you are supposed to be obtain and achieve.)

Otherwise this world will do it for you.

Hail Satan, and hail the infernal empire. :metal: protect your kingdom.