Abyssal Flame ~ Leviathan


– This artwork is courtesy of, and exclusively the copyright of, @cygnus :copyright:

This is an ongoing collection of my notes and experiences with Leviathan.

After first appearing to me in a dream (where I had no idea, at the time, who he was), he gradually became one of the entities I lean on most, and a lot of my work involves him in some way, whether it’s wealth, emotional/mental healing, protection, or asking him to accompany me as a guide.

Leviathan is reasonably well known, and as far as I can tell, has a reputation for being an edgy primordial demon lord of darkness. Has a few titles and dignitaries to his name and all that. That is not really the Leviathan I know – or rather, not the aspect of Leviathan that I know and work with. The Leviathan aspect I work with is stern but gentle, taciturn but generous, and has helped me in many aspects of my life.

I call on him not by using any sigil, but through a personal pathworking he gave me, or simply by mentally pinging him. While at first he was difficult to speak with – as in, he would not speak to me at all – over time he thawed and became an entity that I am quite close to. He will occasionally show up uninvited (but never unwelcome) in my space, and almost always appears when I simply ping him.

(When I say “ping” – how to describe it? I just reach for him, and he is there. I find this is something that happens when I work with spirits closely for an extended time – I establish a much easier link. “Pinging” an entity to draw their attention… at first it’s like the feeling of absently groping for your phone to make sure it’s still in your pocket, and being reassured when you feel it. Over time it’s as simple as closing your eyes and bringing your two hands together in the darkness.)

It began on October 30, 2021.

Here is the dream I had.

Dreamt that I was given a “dream machine” that was meant to help with astral projection.

I met the inventor of the dream machine. He was an intense man, lean and wiry, with bright yellow-golden eyes and long yellow hair. Neither plain nor handsome. He only wore a loincloth, and every interaction I had with him, his manner was very stern and intense.

The “dream machine” looked similar to a radionics machine. Unfolding a stiff, shallow cardboard case revealed two small chromatic discs arranged side-by-side – looking like scaled-down CDs – and between them ran a length of gold tape, or thread, in a sideways infinity symbol. Like an old-school projector running film through its gears and mechanisms. But small; maybe the size of a piece of A4 paper or smaller.

The man (I believe he was a demon, if not some other entity – I am really getting a “demon” vibe though) explained or conveyed to me how the dream machine was meant to work. I don’t remember the conversation beyond something akin to “intend, imagine, and dive in”. I don’t remember his voice.

After this exchange, I was lucid enough within the dream to try the machine, but only, like, first-level-Inception lucid. I fell/dove through the wall on which the machine was mounted. No memory of what awaited on the other side. I know my dreamself still had enough lucidity to try to thrust a thumb through the opposite palm (my reality check), expecting to be awake, but each time the reality check failed (obviously, as I was asleep and dreaming), so my thumb would push easily through my palm, but then I found no matter what I tried, I could not awaken from my “projections” (none of which I remember) when I grew tired of them – because the projections from the dream were literally like a dream within a dream.

At some point (in the first-level dream) I found myself standing in a wide, shallow river or lake, with clear water only a few inches deep, and a bed of smooth pebbles. The man (demon) squatted on his haunches at the west bank of the river, frowning at me, or looking at me sternly; in disapproval almost.

I tried going back to the dream machine room and diving through the projector wall, but I didn’t have clear enough intentions about where I was going, so I simply fell into a void of utter blackness. Soon enough after this I woke up properly.

I’ve kept thinking about it, and the entity, and the “dream machine”. I’ve done some investigation into who I think it might have been, but nothing conclusive yet. I have narrowed it down to some intuitive inklings, but nothing written of these entities matches up, and I didn’t recognise the demon from their energy signature, even though I pondered if it might be someone I had worked with before.

Note: A lot of this content was originally written here (note you may not be able to access the link).


Friday, November 26th, 2021

Here be dragons

Via process of deductive reasoning, and some sleuthing, and some helpful input from someone else, and a slew of synchronicities, I have come to the conclusion that the entity who appeared in my dream of October 30th was Leviathan.

Am I 110% certain? No. Am I reasonably convinced? I am.

So begins the process of figuring out exactly what (s)he wants. Given that he is such a relatively well known entity, there is, surprisingly, relatively little information out there. So preparatory immersion has been a bit spotty. Either way, I suppose I would prefer having my own gnosis to share than to solely rely on what others say.

There’s been no overt contact since Oct. 30th, but there have been a handful of synchronicities. I didn’t act on them, but then earlier this week I had a very disorienting experience: I’d been thinking of Leviathan earlier in the day, and perhaps an hour later, while I was mid-conversation with a coworker, I was suddenly inundated with the sense that the room we were in was underwater – water filling it almost to the ceiling. It was such a strong impression that I spaced out mid-conversation.

It reminded me of nothing so much as the time I was projecting and tried to force my subtle eyes open, and I ended up opening one physical eye, so I had the oddest sense of bilocation, and was looking at the world from two different vantage points: one on the physical, one on the astral or dreamscape. That’s what it reminded me of.

Last night I decided to try and make contact; I suppose I could have done a better job of it with sigils and enns and Wim Hof breathing or some deeper trance, but I went with a relatively simple meditation with the intent of making some kind of contact. If anything I think the exercise could be developed into a trance state method on its own.

Cleaned up notes from initial contact below:

Played Neptune solfreggio frequency, and a combined whale noises & alpha binaural track at the same time. Used the Hypnos trance method, which works surprisingly quickly – eyes heavy immediately, closed within about 30 seconds.

I am floating underwater in the shallows, near the bottom. Sunlight pierces the water and diffuses as I turn my eyes skyward. Everything is calm. Soft sand and seaweed slowly drifting.

Almost immediately a piercing headache springs up in the small triangle between two eyes and the unseen third. I continue to drift, outward and downward, in a gentle current. There is nothing nearby, only me, in the whole vast ocean.

Over the lip of a continental shelf, there is a great black abyss that draws me over and down. I begin to sink. At first I am peaceful, and then, I feel the ocean drawn through my whole body – the energy of elemental water suffusing and rushing through me – an uncomfortable and alien sensation that puts me on the verge of panic. The sunlight fades; I am drawn still downward. I am keenly aware of the seeming infiniteness of the ocean. My head and eyes still hurt fiercely.

Beside me, out of the darkness, an enormous sperm whale materialises. Nose-down it swims, keeping pace with me as I sink. A thought occurs to me – “there are monsters in the deep”. Again, I feel the edge of panic. I remember that sperm whales have echolocation clicks so loud that they are capable of killing humans at close range. I suppress the panic. We dive together. It is within arm’s reach now. It rolls back one eye to look at me; the eye is golden, even in the dim light.

I reach out and touch its hide. I grasp onto its flipper. We keep diving. It is completely black now.

Lower down, in the shelf wall, I see a glimmer. I was looking for it deliberately; the so-called “dream machine”. We drift down towards it, and I clasp my hands and drive them through the middle of the device. My hands sink into the rock. I hesitate to go further, but a great force thrusts me through it from behind.

Beyond it is simply something like a SATS scene – something I intend to have. I let myself get drawn in; I let the scene play out. When the scene reaches its conclusion, it fades into a vision in third-person view; I am watching myself from behind in some black and indistinct setting. The blonde, golden-eyed man is there; he leans forward and whispers in my left ear. I don’t hear anything.

After this, my bedframe was jolted like someone lifted the corner under me and dropped it. It startled me right out of the meditative state and my eyes opened, and then I suppose it was done.

I’m interested in why he speaks to me but I cannot hear anything, or get more than a passing impression. Perhaps I’ll have to try something more immersive, a sigil, an enn, developing a pathworking, something like that.

Despite bodies of water (ocean, rivers, lakes, creeks, lagoons) being frequent features in my dream landscape, I am very much not of elemental Water. It is entirely alien to me; and even if I feel confident in saying I am in touch with my own emotions, the current of Water makes me feel out of my depth (lel).

I did some looking around for a seal or sigil. I don’t jive with the Dukante sigil, but I did find “Leviathan’s cross”. Funny how it incorporates an infinity symbol, no?

At this point I suppose I’m suspending judgement. He seems difficult to contact so far. Maybe he only appears when he wants to. Or maybe that’s on me. But I’m interested in pursuing this further.

And of course I cannot help but filter the symbology and allegory of Leviathan through my own paradigm. This is a being of the deep subconscious. Something I’ve been rather neglecting lately (as far as practice and the Law go).

I will try again to make contact.


There is the sea, vast and spacious…

December 14, 2021

Last night I tried to speak with Leviathan again, and actually succeeded. I’ll copy my notes here.

Said notes:

A song runs through my head

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers
The Heron and the Otter are my friends

It runs rings around my brain, but in the last phrase, whale noises play rich and resonant

Deeper into black
He said something, I heard… “dive in deep”?
Voice like a thunderstorm heard from underwater

Panicked gasp like a fish out of water
“they are all, and I am one”
“the depths are not so dark as they seem”

Not hugely profound notes, as it felt at the time profound – but it is nice to actually make contact and be spoken to, by someone who seems to elude contact.

How many are your works, Lord!
In wisdom you made them all;
the earth is full of your creatures.
There is the sea, vast and spacious,
teeming with creatures beyond number—
living things both large and small.
There the ships go to and fro,
and Leviathan, which you formed to frolic there.

– Psalm 104:22–26


Friday, December 17th, 2021

Today I was at the pub with some friends, sitting outside, and it began to rain. I thought of Leviathan, and a few heartbeats later, the other song I’d associated with him (not the Disney one, cringe) began to play on the speakers throughout the pub.

V cool, thank you.

I’m beginning to see that wealth is not of Earth but of Water, a current that ebbs and flows, and oneself is a conduit or channel, narrow or wide. The intent, of course, to make oneself a wider and more appealing channel. Money, wealth, it flows in and out like the tides. We have to take it as it is, a force – unnatural as it may be – that sweeps in and out. It is a matter of making oneself more open to the current, not seeking to greedily cut the flow off and amass money to oneself.

Money is fleeting. Wealth is not. Money is the fruit, but Wealth is the far-reaching root system that sustains the tree. Money can run out. A great sum can be whittled down to nothing with no “wealth” to show for it. Wealth is enduring, it is established, and it continues to provide.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2022, 12:36am

Wealth comes and wealth goes. Like water, it seeks balance, and it shapes itself to the vessel into which you pour it. Make sure your vessel is sound and not riven with cracks, or the wealth will flow out of you. “We do not pour new wine into old wineskins”.

I haven’t been up to much. I have called Metatron a few more times, just to speak with him and be in his presence. I thought about Leviathan earlier and a pathworking hammered itself into my brain. I need to try it properly. Just thinking about it makes my limbs feel heavy and my mind clouded.


Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 7.46pm

As I’d said: the night before, (well, really, at half past midnight on the same day) I’d been showering and idly thinking about Leviathan, and he started feverishly hammering images into my head. A personal pathworking. I had to rush to get out of the shower and write it all down before I forgot it.

Of course I asked @ReyCuervo and @norse900 to try it for me. I will quote some of them here, but guys, please ask me to remove (or just edit this post) if there’s anything you want to omit.

Otherwise I’ll speak in generalities.

@ReyCuervo says that Leviathan noted, about my discovery of the pathworking: “She didn’t do it alone.”

He asked if there was someone doing something to [me] and [Leviathan] said someone is protecting [me], but he didn’t expand on who. Cuervo guessed that he was supposed to give me that message, and whatever comes next is really up to me and whoever is around protecting me. (At that point, I had no idea who he might be referring to, unless it was Metatron, or Bael… or, it could have been Melek Taus, although this was a few months before I tried to make contact with him.)

Cuervo noted that, as for the pathworking, Leviathan seems to agree that is to be used and that he will work with whoever decides to use it, if it is shared.

@norse900 noted that he drifted down, and down, and down, until he stopped, and found himself standing on the head of a serpent. The serpent took him even deeper, and ushered him into a dry cave at the bottom of the sea floor, a “grotto”. It was lit by a single flame coming from a bowl suspended by a chain and held up by a tripod. “The flames made the light dance off of the water and the shadows would also move in kind. Yet, everything had a greenish tinge to it.”

Norse said this was an aspect of Leviathan he hadn’t encountered before, but confirmed it was the same entity. [Leviathan] said that one could project into the grotto for healing or to be alone, with Leviathan.

I myself have adopted this imagery, and Leviathan’s healing grotto is somewhere I visit frequently.

Later I discovered that I could take others there too, which I think I have mentioned before… as in, I can take someone in need of mental or emotional healing on the pathworking with me, and leave a part of their soul (or whatever you wish to refer to it as) in the grotto. I have done this several times, though only with people I am close with, and it seems to work powerfully. Its effects don’t last forever, but they seem to work fairly quickly, and depending on what the issue is, last for a few days, maybe a week or a bit more.

More notes from March 1, 2022:

I think the recent ebb and flow of money in my life is Leviathan’s doing – see my last post. I’m told I owe some business or person money, but then it turns out they owe money to me instead. Money comes to me, and then I am asked for money. Balance, ebb and flow.

I suppose now would be a good time to talk about what I have experienced Leviathan’s offices to be (or the offices of this aspect of him). In short, what I have found so far:

  • Spiritual protection
  • Wealth (not just “money”, but including money)
  • Emotional and mental healing.

I have the feeling he is capable of baneful work, but I don’t really perform baneful magick unless requested to do so by someone else, so it is hard for me to say. However, I would say he is capable of “baneful” work in the name of spiritual protection, if that makes sense. There was a time a few months ago where I was being bothered by parasites (?) or feeling the effects of negative work directed at me (I believe as a result of a certain group working I was part of); I have seen Leviathan completely mutilate an wanted astral presence in a way that was both fascinating and horrifying, and I have also witnessed him banish (and maybe destroy, I’m unsure) a score of unwanted parasites all at once during that time.


Wow. When Ive got projection figured out I think this is one of the first places I’ll be going. I could really use it. Loved this entry.


You can use the pathworking with the intent for it to take you there :blush: did I ever share it with you? I have a feeling I did, although I might be misremembering… I keep it tightly under wraps since I’m very jealous over it. I think I’ve only shared it with 3 or 4 people. But DM me if you feel a pull to Leviathan and would like to use it. It’s the least I can do since you created such lovely artwork of him. x


Yes you did!
I havent used it yet though since Im still trying to work through others things atm. I have it copied in my personal journal for when the time comes. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal thing with me. I feel its going to help a lot.

I hope one day i can drawn melek taus for you too. But again i have things that need taken care of first.



Well, if you ever feel in need of emotional healing, don’t hesitate to let me know. I think we have enough of an established friendship for me to soul-walk you to down to Leviathan and leave a part of you there. Either way, I will try my best. :blush:


March 15, 2022

The pathworking

This was the first time I personally used the pathworking Leviathan gave me, although I had contacted him before.

I landed on the sandy bottom of the seabed. There was an absence of water, but still the feeling of water all around; lit by diffuse bluish-green light. At the last moment, I looked up to see the blood still mingling with the deep water before slowly being dispersed and absorbed.

He acknowledged I’d come back and asked why, what did I want? I requested he show me the meaning of wealth, the way of wealth. He did, and it reminded me of one of the first times I’d tried contacting him, and felt the current of elemental Water being drawn through me. He suffused me with Wealth and drew the current back and forth like a tide.

Uncomfortable, but I was expecting that. I inhaled and let it fill me from the belly upward. Leviathan impressed on me something like this – Water fills a vessel, and it finds a passageway. do you understand this? – he showed me floodwater fountaining off a cliffside; rivers breaking their banks and overflowing; glaciers shedding their bulk into the ocean. I expelled, on exhale, my preconceived notions of wealth.

Wealth is a current. It was water and blood illuminated from above by the golden light of the moon; it was the thrill of a 50/50 coin toss. It was that coin landing in a fountain, unseen, but laden with hopes and goodwishing. It filled me and was drawn through me.

He conveyed something like, Do you understand now? Never static. Always comes and always goes. Be open. Always new channels that you never thought of. Don’t reject it. Water finds a way and water makes its own current.

I asked him vaguely about the group working I’m doing. He prompted me to elaborate. I asked if something can be done, and he said this: Money can be destabilised. Peace? You want things to return to how they were before. Impossible… …I’ll try.

I thanked him and left.

I think that is the most coherent “conversation” we’ve ever exchanged, maybe even to this day, five months later.

After this I wrote:

I’m giving Leviathan the wheel on a recent money-related situation.

Funnily enough, often all you have to do is be passive and let people dig their own graves.

I had a mediation session today, with an ombudsman body overseeing it. Presenting myself as soft-spoken and open to suggestion while – if I do say so myself – remaining decisive and firm, but not aggressively so. Each word measured and considered. The mediator, who is meant to remain impartial, basically did all my arguing for me against the other party. The mediator even raised several important points that I’d never considered, and now have in my arsenal for future use.

Worried? Not at all. I don’t see the point.

March 22, 2022

The results

The money situation I mentioned, where I was giving Leviathan the wheel, was resolved in full. $1.1k directly into my bank account.

Aaaand got my full bond back, as I knew I would. They originally wanted almost double what I paid in bond to cover “losses” (aka normal wear & tear – I fucking hate real estate agents and greedy landlords).

Money’s already in my account.

Turnaround time: 6 days.

LEVIATHAN. :heart_eyes:


April 2, 2022

[…]And that leads me to touching on Leviathan’s influence. I think the most important thing I have been shown lately is not to begrudge spending. I have spoken already about how wealth is a current, it is the roots of the tree, not the fruit of its branches. I have never worried about money; I have always been comfortable and relatively discerning in how I spend it, especially for larger purchases. But I think the lesson here is that for every success and every boon, there might be one or two smaller demands on your funds. I have changed how I think about it – although I haven’t lost my innate “I would rather look at numbers in my bank account than spend frivolously” attitude – I no longer begrudge spending. I suppose I have come to trust in being a node, a conduit, and that in order to receive I must be willing to give, without fretting. This may not be everyone’s lesson, but it is mine. And perhaps it is because I am privileged enough to have never known what it’s like to not have money to spare. I think that journey would be very different on its own.

Either way, there is some adjustment in thinking needed. I can’t say my approach to wealth will work for people who are in a different position, financially speaking. But I think Leviathan is helping me see things differently.

April 6, 2022

Last night, for no discernible reason, I could feel Metatron and Leviathan hammering on my walls in concert, both of them demanding my attention at the same time. Absolutely nothing subtle about it. After maybe the third time in an hour and a half or so, I tried to tune in. The question they had for me was something like “What do you want?”


You show up in force and demand to know what I want? Fucked if I know what I want, or if I can have it (can I? Please?). I wasn’t prepared for this. I showed them a few things, which I have only vague recollections of. They took this very seriously and went away.


Well, that was something new. You’d think they would show up so forcefully for something more… pressing.

Leviathan is still delivering on the wealth and fortune side of things; I give him the wheel in full trust. I do not worry about a thing.

In all, I have not been devoted to praxis lately. Only my passive, ongoing work with Leviathan, and my ever-present need to speak to Metatron, just to feel him nearby me.



Somewhat off the back of, or inspired by, @ReyCuervo’s recent journal entry, I wanted to touch on how Leviathan has helped me to help others.

As I’ve said, Leviathan gave me a personal pathworking, which I’ve used times beyond count. After a while, I figured out that I could take others on the journey alongside me. Some time after that, Haniel would show up often. I don’t remember when this first began, but Haniel and Leviathan, while seemingly complete opposites, seem to work very well together. I think there was a time of necessity when I called on her, and it’s evolved to the point where she easily appears when I am preparing for this kind of work.

So, this is my experience in giving emotional healing, or relief, or peace – using Haniel and Leviathan. I can’t recall how many times I have done this now. It seems to work better with people I am close to, but I am sure it can be adapted for anyone, although it may either take longer to kick in, or last for less time – unsure.

The basics are this: I get into trance. I use my favourite methods, or any combination thereof: binaural beats, shamanic drumming tracks, ASMR, Wim Hof breathing, or @ReyCuervo’s Hypnos trance method. Often I’ll use a combination of two or more.

My intent is already set. I always emerge underwater, relatively near the surface. The target/recipient is nearby. Depending on their emotional state, they range from being curled up motionless and drifting in the foetal position, or thrashing around in panic. Usually I can see some basic representation of a ward or shield around them. Sometimes it doesn’t appear until I approach them.

Out goes a tendril, gently probing and letting them know who I am and why I’m here. I’ve never done this on someone unsuspecting, it’s always been another mage, with consent. Usually, Haniel joins me immediately, adding to the tendril, or simply radiating out waves of calmness and compassion.

After a very short interval, the person’s basic shield or ward (or whatever it is) breaks or disintegrates completely, when Haniel or I gently breach it. Again, I assume this is because they are aware of my intent beforehand. Depending on how panicked the recipient is, I might calm them myself, or ask Haniel to calm them.

When I first started using this, I had to call Haniel beforehand. Now she seems to pick up on my intent, and shows up herself after only a very basic call.

Then I approach the recipient. I might take their hand, or Haniel might. Or I/we might simply send soothing thoughts to them. Once they have calmed enough, I anchor onto them, whether by holding their hand, or some other unseen method of linking to their energy signature, and they join me on the Leviathan pathworking.

I walk them through it the whole way. Sometimes I hold their hand. Sometimes Haniel and I hold each of their hands. Sometimes I will get the sense of the recipient’s guide or an entity close to them; sometimes the recipient’s entity in question will show up and follow along with the pathworking.

Then I take them down, down, down, to Leviathan’s healing grotto. And I leave them – or some part of them – there, in peace.

The more I use this method, the more readily Haniel appears.

The last handful of times I’ve used it, Haniel is there at the ready to siphon away bad thoughts and negative emotions. She simply takes them into herself and casts them away. She comes down to the grotto every time.

Leviathan, true to form, is usually completely silent the entire time. But he accepts and allows anyone I have brought with me so far.

When we enter the grotto, Leviathan takes up position guarding the perimeter. Again, he is silent. It’s rare for him to speak. But he had once or twice conveyed the impression of safety, this place is safe and sacred, nothing will get through while I watch. That kind of thing.

And I take the recipient to the middle of the grotto, and I leave them there. A little slice of their soul is left guarded by Leviathan, and I exit trance.

In the past, the recipient would seem to be in some kind of dream-walking state, eyes closed and willing to be led. That hasn’t changed, but now Haniel is with me every time. Usually she is the one who leads them, or she helps me lead them. The recipient is docile. They sit in the middle of the grotto on the floor of sand, with crossed legs, or in lotus position. Their eyes never open.

Every time I’ve done this, Leviathan has slithered almost unseen around the perimeter. The past few times I’ve done this, I’ve left the recipient with Haniel too. She sits across from them, radiating compassion and calm. Often she holds one or both of their hands. I see a thread of pink light extending from her third eye to theirs. Always she extends a warm, pink aura to encompass them. Sometimes she leans forward so her forehead touches the recipient’s.

It’s fascinating. I never thought you could take someone else on a pathworking with you. But this method has worked time and time again for solving emotional distress, ranging from practically immediate results, to a little bit of calming after a few hours.

After this revelation I will admit I took someone else on another pathworking, which turned out to be… very confrontational. I don’t know if I will ever write about that here. I would like to, but we will see.

Regardless, I am confident in Leviathan’s power in this regard, and the addition of Haniel, while it might seem a bit incongruous, does seem to work wonders.

May I also add that @norse900 was one who tested this pathworking for me, and was the one who showed me Leviathan’s healing grotto. So, I largely have him to thank for this work. The pathworking always leads me to the same place now.


This was so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Leviathan and Haniel really are amazing.



Thank you dear.
i will admit I was very humbled when it seemed to work almost instantaneously on some people I am quite close to.

Haniel is a gem. And Leviathan is a powerhouse.


Can confirm, last time I had an emotional breakdown @Veil was kind enough to do this for me and it worked quite fast.


Does the addition of Haniel to Leviathan, like, impact the color pallete you experience when pathworking them? Compared to, say, Leviathan itself.


Nope, strangely she doesn’t change anything. Her pink might be slightly darker-tinged at the beginning. But other than that, no change. She has even begun participating in a segment of the pathworking.

Actually, that makes me think…

Hermes showed up uninvited (but very welcome, as always), and he participated in that pathworking step too. :thinking: Wonder if that has something to do with it.


May 3rd, 2022