1 week knight furcas experience

I will present my petition to the knight of furcas today, requesting magical empowerment and enhancement of the senses within 1 week,and another special request.

In return, I promised to listen to her chant regularly every day and to share with others all my experience for 1 week,That’s the purpose of this diary, I promised to share it with you as in my offer.

It is a petition, not an agreement, I hope it will inspire those who want to work with furcass.


I can focus directly on my third eye while lying in bed at night.

but now for the result i can physically feel my third eye like my other two eyes but i believe i can see the spirit world much more with it thanks knight furcas

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pact with furcas.

this pact will last for 10 days i have offered my terms and what i will give in return this is the first pact i will do in my life from now on i want to make a lifelong deal with astaroth.

My 3rd eye, my magical power and all my Psychic senses will be fully developed and I will be closer to the spirit world.

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